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Another hot, muggy day fit for birds

June 11, 2008
This hot, muggy weather puts a damper on my thinker. I scrounged around in the bottom of my idea barrel and nothing came up.

However, I have been amusing myself my watching a pair of robins. Two days ago they were investigating a tree of the cherry family outside my patio door. Mother Robin finally found a nice little crotch and made sure her nest would fit in it.

On such a hot, muggy day I decided to find a ringside seat and watch this master builder. She laid a platform of twigs and grass and then started on the walls of her nest. She gathered grasses from the lawn and even from among the stones around the patio just a few

feet from my ringside seat inside. Then mud from beneath the maple outside my bedroom window. Mr. Robin bobbed around in the tree, searching around for a snack or two and occasionally flying to the ground to struggle with a worm. One time when Mrs. Robin was finding just the right grass, Mr. Robin decided to investi-

gate her progress. When she returned, WOW! What an explosion! She told him in no uncertain words, "I can handle this job all by myself!'' "Okay! Okay! Have it your way!'' and off he flew into the wild blue yonder. I thought maybe he would never return but, he did.

Mrs. Robin returned yesterday morning and continued gathering grasses and mud, building up the walls and bottom of her nest. She would turn round and round inside the cup, smoothing and shaping the inner walls with her breast and half-extended wings. I would see Mr. Robin bobbing around in the yard but, not in the tree...No Sir-eee!

This is Sunday morning and both robins have returned. She is still working on her nest. Once when she went after a beak full of building material, he investigated and when she returned he flew off without her fussing at him. It must be nearly finished, large and really a piece of art. There is one in the carport where I keep my car, not nearly as large but held four babies, the last one left yesterday.

The birds that enjoyed the lighthouse feeder all winter that Jack and Laura Pat-terson gave me, are no longer around. Once in a while the cardinals come. My neighbor and I cannot entice any hummingbirds. I miss them.

So much for the birds.

— Country Cousin

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