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We grandmas have oodles of memories

June 04, 2008
Quite some time ago, Carol gave me a book "Grandma Remembers'' to be filled out and given to her daughter Crissy. I started it, then got bogged down. I have been working on it lately, looking up pictures also.

Recently I found another book, "Grandma, Tell Me Your Memories.'' I will put all other granddaughters' names in a hat and have someone draw out a name. It would be nice for each granddaughter to have one but, WOW! It is time-consuming. I have spent days on them already and not nearly finished.

I kept a five-year diary through high school and into Baker Business College days. I certainly have used it during these days of memories. Sometimes it seems I am still back in those days. What fun! Some I have forgotten, but some of those days are more memorable than what happened a week ago. Do you experience that also? I hope so, else I am in trouble.

Today is Friday, May 30. Remember when we called it Decoration Day?

May 30, 1932 was on a Monday. "It was warm. I hung out clothes in the morning. Played with my Kewpie doll in the afternoon.''

Tuesday, May 30, 1933. "Went to school to Memorial Day Services. At night went to see brother Floyd at Imlay City Hospital.'' Can you remember when Imlay City had a hospital? It was in a house. I think of it every time I drive past it. It was on Almont Ave, the 'main drag' going through Imlay, past the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds. I never go by names of streets, just what is on this corner and that corner...landmarks.

Wednesday, May 30, 1934. "Awful nice out. Went to Memorial Day program. Marge Currey and Mary Borland went with me. Floyd and Doss came over in the afternoon. How I wanted to go someplace! Took Roy to Yoders for his guitar lesson.''

Thursday, May 30, 1935. "More fun! Chuck R., June G., Marge, Suds, George F. and I went for a ride all over! Way over on the hog's back road. Pretty scenery. Went over 100 miles! Lunch at our place.''

I remember that day as though it was yesterday. George had an old four-door...was it a Dodge? On the floor in the back seat was a 'cut-out.' If you opened it, the car made a lot of noise...the exhaust? We did just that on back roads.

Saturday, May 30, 1936. (Was it leap year?) "Red took me home."

Friday night was the prom in Capac. We used to go to other schools' proms. "Capac Prom. Went with Red. Swell time! Afterwards we had a flat tire and had to stay all night at Brooks. Had to sleep in one of Red's nightshirts. Ha! Ha!''

And so it was 'way back when.'

— Country Cousin

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