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Universal truths in our 'sea of vibrations'

June 04, 2008
Sometimes there are only so many words you can put down on a piece of paper, though I never thought I'd ever get to that point But alas, here I am.

Other times it boils down to the things the folks used to drill into our heads about "if you don't have anything good to say..." And here I am again.

Lucky for me, and for those who stop by this spot every week, I am surround-ed by some really wise people, one of whom happens to be a very talented and sage advisor and writer: My aunt, Teresa Minolli Skupinski a/k/a Zizi Teresa.

Lately—or should I say longly—I've had a few issues. Not having heat in my home since March is one of them. Being sick for two months is another. Bills, obligations, blahblahblah like everybody else I know are on the list, as is struggling with how to deal with and respond to situations that are irritating and/or less than pleasant. I am—or was, perhaps—a "nice girl." And "nice girls" just don't do certain things...

It's more than that, though. It's about dignity. And how important it is to a "nice girl" like me. So when I ask Ziz about a particular situation, as always she responds with brilliant use of the written word. It's so stellar that she should be writing this column every week, not me. I've read and re-read the letter and still refer to it almost daily. So here it is to resonate in the universe where it belongs and may reach its full potential. It begins, "Catherine, dear,

"Just a few notes as I sit here thinking of you and your recent experience...

"It is possible to be kind to others without letting them take advantage of us. Even though we do not consciously invite someone to treat us less than we deserve, we do play a part in allowing it or tolerating it. The question to ask ourselves is 'Why?'

"If we want the behavior to change (theirs and ours) we search our hearts for the answer—and subsequently change our behavior. This does not always involve confrontations and angry words. When we subtly change the words we speak and our behavior, we change the script we've been reading in the past and the other person(s) has no choice but to also change—if they want to maintain a relationship.

"Unless someone has literally bound and gagged us, they cannot force us to do anything.

"We feel forced to do things according to our past conditioning and experiences.

"No one has to be nice to us. We don't have to be nice to others. But we do have to be willing to accept the results of our words and actions, for there will always be results and they will be in accordance to those words and actions.

"We have a tendency to 'live in hope,' hope others will recognize our worth, hope they will change their behavior, etc. etc.

"We see what we are. Think about that statement and then think about it some more. If someone does not have compassion in their heart (for an example), they will not see compassionate behavior in another—they will see it as a form of weakness, or worse, stupidity. We do not stand in judgment, we only seek to learn what is best for us.

"Some people are toxic to us and it's best to stay away from them in the same way we stay away from poisoned food. We can still be pleasant and recognize that they, too, house the spirit of God within them, but it's best to keep distant.

"We do this for our mental and physical health, which are so intertwined that it is not possible for anything or anyone to affect one part without affecting the other part also.

"I am just now, at this chronological age beginning to understand how everything works and fits together; how we, along with all other creations, respond to all that surrounds us, all we see and do and hear and speak. We live in a sea of vibrations, and we resonate who and what we are as clearly as a broadcast from a radio or TV.

"If I can somehow help you understand this it would bring great joy to my heart, for understanding brings peace, a calm mind and a clear focus on what is truly important and what is really not.

... "I sat down to write you a few words and the above is what streamed out from my mind, heart and pen. Take what is useful to you and let the rest go. Your heart will recognize what is truth for you."


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