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Mother's Day memories with children and grandchildren

May 14, 2008
Today is Mother's Day but you won't receive my greeting for a few days. My children gave me a wonderful Mother's Day Saturday, it was a beautiful day. Today has been rather gloomy, exept for several telephone calls from Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren.

Carol and Bob came early enough Saturday for Carol to make my hair all purty and I felt like a real lady. Lee and Lynda picked up Lynda's Mother, Marge, who lives here also and Alan met us (aboard his motorcycle) at Sullivan's Black Forest Restaurant near Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. Alan and Pauline came last week and took me to Sullivan's, Pauline had to work yesterday. All gave me beautiful plants to grace my patio.

Today my eyes glazed over as I reminisced former Mother's Days. I remember when brother Roy and I were young 'uns, we went to Pollard's Hardware on North Main Street in Almont and bought our Mother an iron Dutch oven that she had been wanting. Until I moved here, I still had the cover that I used on my favorite iron frying pan.

Another favorite Mother's Day memory was of the Mother's Day Blossom Rides our 4-H Saddle Club used to have through Bristol's orchards. In a May 2, 1986 "Memory Maple Meaderin's'' column I wrote, "In 1967 Sally Willing (Ligon) reported that 'On Saturday, May 21, the Almont 4-H Saddle Club met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fiebelkorn for drill practice and the annual Apple Blossom Ride through the Bristol orchards after which they returned to the Fiebelkorn home for a potluck dinner which was well attended.''

A May, 1985 column reads, "Haven't we had a gorgeous May? I keep a diary each year on our calendar (still do). Mother Nature is two weeks ahead of last year's schedule.

"Heidi and I have had enjoyable morning walks to meet the 3 Cs as they wait for the school bus at Alan and Pauline's. Occasionally Scotty hops in his little red wagon and returns home with me for breakfast and sometimes lunch.''

Another column on the same page. "The common snipe have been putting on a great courting show this year. Granddaughter Crissy and I took a picnic basket with chicken n' chips and other goodies down to the '45' one recent early evening. We found a nice grassy spot on the bank of the Clinton River that gurgles across our 45 acres which consists mostly of pasture land and marsh. It is above the marsh that the male snipe does his acrobatic mating spectacular to impress the female awaiting him on the ground. There were several spectaculars going on in the sky as Crissy and I ate our chicken.

"The female on the ground sends forth a series of 'beep! beep! beeps!' and the male spirals upwards, then dips down and back up again several times before descending to the female on the ground. While doing his acrobatic flight he spreads his tail feathers and the wind passing through his wings and tail feathers creates an eerie sound to my ear. To that of an enamored girl snipe, it is a love song. It is called 'winnowing.' They have not appeared on the '45' for years.''

Thanks for sharing my memories with me.

— Country Cousin

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