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Collisons to co-chair 'Garage Sale Mania'

Former city manager and chamber director take reins of Imlay event

March 26, 2008
IMLAY CITY — With the chamber of commerce pulling out of Garage Sale Mania, who better than one of the event's earliest proponents to take charge?

Pat Collison, Imlay City Area Chamber of Commerce director from 1984-89, has volunteered to coordinate this year's Garage Sale Mania, scheduled May 1-3. Collison will be assisted by husband, Dennis Collison, a former Imlay City manager who now serves as village manager in Capac.

Together the pair is working vigorously to ensure the success of the popular event, which is now being sponsored by the Imlay City Rotary Club.

Now that the torch has been passed to the Rotary Club, Pat Collison is anxious to get the word out that Garage Sale Mania is alive and well.

"We don't have a lot of time to get everything together," she said. "There were about 75 garage sale locations last year. We're dropping the registration price to $5 in hopes of getting increased participation."

The deadline for registration is Fri., April 18 at Liebler Insurance Agency Inc., located at 21 N. Cedar Street near the southwest corner of Third Street.

For the $5 registration fee, residents will receive a kit that includes a garage sale sign, balloons, a map of sale locations and tips on how to have a successful garage sale.

"I was here when the idea for Garage Sale Mania was first suggested," Pat Collison said. "The idea was to get people to come to Imlay City and expose them to the whole community."

Former Imlay officials Dennis and Pat Collison.

Dennis Collison said donations of items for the Rotary Club's sale are being accepted now, by calling 810-721-0094.

"We'll have a crew of Rotarians ready to pick up any items the week of April 7," said Dennis. "So clean out your houses and garages and get rid of your old junk."

Another benefit of hosting a sale is that the Rotary Club is underwriting the advertising costs.

"Participants don't have to do any of that," said Pat. "We do all the advertising.

"Garage Sale Mania is a great time to get together with friends, have lunch at one of our restaurants and hit all the sales," she said. "With the economy the way it is, a lot of people are looking for some great bargains."

For information about registering for a garage sale, call Paty Halstead at the Liebler Insurance Agency at 810-724-8600.

Maps listing all garage sale locations will soon be available at most local banks and Liebler Insurance.

For questions or other information, call the Collisons at 810-721-0084.

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