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Recalling the social highlights of high school

March 05, 2008
Back to that scrapbook from high school years with a copy of the February 19, 1935 Almonte. That was our popular school paper with six students who typed it on stencils and ran it off on a mimeograph machine Mable Moore (Smith) was the editor. Each class had a reporter. Our junior class reporter was Margaret Farley.

"Can anyone guess who the junior girl is who likes to argue with Miss Wismer in English Class?" (Looking over the class picture, could it be Joyce Stamman?)

Does anyone remember Miss Wismer? I do. I sat in the front row of Lit class and with much animation she recited, "When the Highwayman comes riding." When she yelled out 'TLOT tlot, TLOT tlot, TLOT tlot!' she spit all over me!

"Orations start next Monday and most of us are not ready to give ours yet," the school paper declares. I don't imagine declamations and orations are required anymore. I don't really remember mine but my five year diary says my Declamation was "American Pioneer" and that I was scared for about three minutes then got over it. Under Social News: "The All Hi-School party given February 7th was a great success. It was given by the senior class. And thanks to the orchestra, everyone had a good time.

A buffet luncheon was served by the senior girls about 10:30, which every-one enjoyed. Dancing was then continued until 1 o'clock, with everyone departing happily. (Remember back then the classes were small. Our Senior class numbered 24!)

The faculty had a party the same night that the seniors gave their party. They played ping-pong in the Assembly Room and at 10 o'clock a luncheon was served. Some of the teachers, not being able to resist the good music played by the orchestra, came downstairs and joined the high school in dancing.

We had a senior girls' club we called the "Seniorettas." Such fun and didn't cost much. We met at each others' homes . Seventy-two years ago today (March 3) Jean Halsey had the club at her home. In my scrapbook is the little place-card doll made of crepe paper with the back side of a cardboard spoon colored as a face. Was that before plastic spoons?

A mourning dove is cooing in a tree outside my window. Can spring be far away?

Way back then, it was customary for the junior class to give the senior class a banquet. Our class motto was, "Honor Lies at Labor's Gate." Our invitations were handmade and hand printed, in the shape of a gate which opened to reveal the names of our class, the program, the menu and names of the juniors on the inside of the back cover.

Then came graduation excercises. Baccalaureate Service was on Sunday evening at the First Congregational Church. Class Day was Tuesday Evening, June 14. It began with "Floral Parade" by the High School Band. "Invocation by Rev. Herman Burns of the First Baptist Church, Salutatory by John Loeffler, Class History Class Prophecy, A Trumpet Quartet, Class Will, Giftatory" (I got a pair of colored glasses to protect my eyes from the bright red glare), "Class Song, Presentation of Scholarship Awards, Valedictory by Mary Jean Bishop, Benediction and 'Tenth Regiment' by the Band."

Commencement was Thursday, June 18 in the High School Auditorium. Dr. Paul F Voelker, presi-dent of Grand Rapids College and former super-intendent of public instruction delivered the commencement address. It so happened he was speaker at my brother Floyd's graduation in 1922.

Thanks for the memories!

—Country Cousin

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