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Injury spoils plans with the girls

February 27, 2008
You did not hear from me last week because I was recovering from a little stunt I hadn't pulled in well over 30 years.

I stumbled on the leg of my recliner and went sprawling, dislocating my right shoulder in the process. That was 9:15 in the morning. The nice nurse on duty here got me transportation to Frankenmuth's MedExpress. Meanwhile she called Carol, Crissy and the little girls who were on their way here for lunch at Grandma's and an expected nice afternoon. The nurse directed them to meet me at MedExpress.

A nice young doctor manipulated the shoulder a little but said he was not an orthopedic surgeon and Crissy took me to Covenant Hospital in Saginaw, deliv-ering Carol and the little ones to my apartment on the way.

After waiting and finally getting into an office to answer a million questions I had just answered at MedExpress, we were told to go take a seat, there were three ahead of me. Crissy got on her 'high horse' and told the attendant that MedExpress called ahead to the hospital and we were to get right in. They hadn't received the call. We were immediately ushered to an examining room.

Two nice young doctors came in, a nurse administered an IV and I went night-night. When I awakened I was all put back together again. Crissy said they were very caring. By then it was well into the afternoon.

Back to more than 30 years ago. I was in the horse barn getting Whisper ready to go riding. I had spurs on my boots (needless to say, I never wore them again), I guess they got caught on something and my shoulder went out. Alan was there and he took me to our then wonderful Almont Community Hospital. It was Dr. Haney's day off and a new doctor was going to read up on how to do the procedure. I went into a tizzy and asked that they call Dr. Haney. He was there soon. He said he could take me to la-la-land but I would be groggy for the rest of the day. He said he knew Ada VanDyke and I were tough farm girls and could take the quick snap of pain. He carried on a fast and furious conversation to distract me while putting his knee in my armpit and with a quick was back in. Good ol' days. Thanks again, Dr. Haney.

Isn't it nice having longer days? Daisy and I went for a nice walk this Sunday afternoon. Then, Henrik, a violinist accompanied by his wife Eugenia, entertained us in the Music Lounge. It was beautiful.

Daisy is telling me with her beautiful brown eyes that she would like to go out again. Then I will make popcorn and invite my neighbor, Barb, over to have a gabfest.

—Country Cousin

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