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Scrapbooks, snapshots give glimpses of past

February 13, 2008
Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia! Alan and Pauline and her mother, Ann Lahaie, came last Sunday toting the remainder of my scrapbooks and snapshot albums. One I had all but forgotten. It was a scrapbook I had kept through high school days and into Baker Business University days.

A season ticket for Almont Football was 75 cents. Home games were with Memphis, New Haven, Armada and Imlay City. Games started at 4 p.m. No lighted fields back then. An orange and black hair ribbon that a bunch of us girls wore in our hair to the basketball game at Capac, Feb. 22, '35. We lost 15-16.

Mr. Elwell was our music teacher and took a carload to Ypsilanti to listen to an evening of high school choirs presenting a program of Johann Sebastian Bach on March 22, 1935. Among the accompanists was violinist Clarence Odmark who was Almont's band director in 1939. I remember riding with him to Ypsilanti to visit Marge Currey. He roomed with the Patons in the house east of the Congregational Church which now belongs to the Church. The Patons owned the town newspaper called The Almont Herald. Clarence bought the Patons' old Packard and I thought it quite elegant.

And here is a Feb. 15, 1935 copy of the high school paper, 'The Almonte.' Under 'Miscellaneous' was "Nicknames and Sayings of Seniors." A sampling follows. "Phillip Price: What's that got to do with it? Smitty (Floyd Smith): I don't get your question! Scribby Walton: Can't you trust me? Evelyn Shoemaker: Oh, my goodness! Mable Moore: Oh, No! Fritz Spangler: It might be. Jean Rose: Skip it!"

Under "News!!!!" "Do you suppose Red Brooks could ever be serious? Why not ask Gertrude. Why do you suppose Mabel Moore's face gets red every time you say, 'stoplight?' Does anyone know what the joke is? The graduating class of 1935 presented a play "Huburt The Great." In between acts was a saxophone duet by Beva Campbell and Bob Bowman with Mary Jean Bishop accompanist, then a piano solo by Ward Steenson and a vocal solo by Dr. G. C. Bishop.

Oh my gosh! Here is the invitation to a Scavenger Hunt Party on Fri., June 21, 1935, 8 p.m. by Marion Eldred and Marie Tabor. I have thought of it so many times but didn't realize I had a memento of it. I couldn't remember who gave it and the particulars except I remember having to go through a basement window in the empty and now long- gone Methodist church which was on the N.W. corner of Church and School streets. We were to get a hymn book. It was scary down there. But, here is the list of 20 articles we were to find and return to Kathleen Simmons' home. Most of the articles we found in homes of the kids in town that were invited. It was a couples party but I don't remember with whom I went. According to my high school five-year diary, Red and I were on the outs, having given each other back our class rings. After all, that was 73 years ago!

I'll share more of this scrapbook with you another time.

More nostalgia. Ray Champion of Imlay City came one afternoon this past week to play those wonder-ful songs of the '40s. He played 'The Tennesse Waltz' just for me. It would have been the 68th wedding anniversary for Red and me. I sure felt like dancing. Thanks Ray.

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