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Almont 'Social News' mentioned many names

February 06, 2008
Back to those July, 1948 "Almont Social News Items" that I promised you several weeks ago. Exciting happenings in Frankenmuth sidetracked me.

"Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Lane and two sons of Ann Arbor, spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bishop.

"Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lee are vacationing at Hillman this week.

"Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wentworth and children, enjoyed a picnic in Dryden Sunday, with the families of C. E. Wentworth and Ed and Gale Haber.

"Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Rollins spent the weekend in Algonac.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jay LaMar and children left Friday for Amorist, Missouri where they will visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. LaMar and other relatives.

"Dr. and Mrs. Swayze visited with relatives in Reed City over the weekend.

"Little Mary Joe Towers of Belleville is making an extended visit at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Currey.

"Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glover, Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Bowman and Mrs. James Borland, enjoyed a picnic dinner in Pine Grove Park in Port Huron last Wednesday.

"Mrs. Nick Liblong, Jr., will be hostess to members of the Birthday Club and their husbands for a picnic, Monday evening, July 12, at 7 o'clock in Burleson Park, on M-53 between Romeo and Almont.

"Miss Jean Currey of Lansing spent the weekend at the home of her parents.

"Mrs. Lena Kerlin, who underwent an operation in Alexander Blaine Hospital last Thursday, is reported to be gaining satisfactorily."

....A little bit of what was happening in Almont 60 years ago. Really, just one, big happy family, sharing each others' lives.

There were birthday greetings to Wilbur Lane, Vera Brooks, Mrs. Verne Messer, Lewis Ward, Mrs. William Frost, Wilma Hamilton, Billy Anderson, John David Kaiser, James Farley, Henry Revoldt and others.

What a surprise this morning to awaken to my corner of the world covered with a few inches of newly fallen snow. However, I feel Mother Nature cheated me as I love to watch the snow fall. There are cedar trees beyond my patio and they look like coats of Ermine. Daisy was eager to get out for our morning walk. She loves the newly fallen snow.

It was great having some of my family visit Sunday. Alan, Pauline and her mother Ann LaHaie brought my collection of snapshot albums. I had stored them in those old orange crates. I especially remember oranges being delivered in them to Cochrane's Grocery/Drygoods store. The oranges were individually wrapped in squares of orange tissue. I think I mentioned once before that those tissues were then placed in Cochrane's outside privy at the back of their store. Guess I got off the subject.

Carlee, Jeff, Jager and Tanner came. I had just arrived back from a short shopping trip to Zehnder's Bakery for goodies. I got Jager a small birthday cake decorated for the Super Bowl game. I can't believe he will be 5 on February 20th. Especially as I looked through the album marked 1972-75 filled with pictures of the three Cs—Crissy, Carlee and Corie—from their births to 1975....and now they are Mommies.

Lee and Lynda picked me up on Thursday to go to the First Presbyterian Church in Flint for the memorial for my nephew Doss Park, whom some of you knew. He was born with cerebral palsy but my brother Floyd and wife Bess were determined that he be treated as any normal child. He graduated from Olivet College.

Carol and Bob visited me last Saturday and brought me my precious aerial view of the farm with corn shocks in the background. I am sorry that I never dated it.

—Country Cousin

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