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Forget the search for happiness; find true joy by obeying the laws of God

January 23, 2008
A week or two ago there was a program on TV which talked about the facts and fiction of finding happiness.

Some myths, according to the program, were that having more money or more children would bring more happiness.

More money, said the show host, would only bring happiness if: you spent it wisely, you had very little to begin with, or you sud-denly had more than everyone else. About having more children, he said, with the grin on his face matching the one in his voice, "Selective memory keeps us breeding."

Our brains, he added, are waiting to be transformed on the hedonistic treadmill.

I'm not relying purely on memory for these tidbits of information. Actually, I took notes. Sketchy notes. And under that last statement I had an asterisk and the following: epiphany—also HEARTS. And by now I don't know if the epiphany was mine or his.

I do know that following those notes were some companion ones about The Bucket List: or "The list of 10 things I want to do before I kick the bucket.''

"Somethin' faulty about that logic," I had said to my husband. "That's one movie we don't need to see."

Not two hours later, someone invited us to go see it. We went.

While I did enjoy the movie, I hold to my position about the faulty logic. The way I see it, if you believe (as I do) that death is only the end to life as we know it—really just a prelude to the real deal, grabbing all the gusto on our way through is a little overrated. Perhaps wrong-headed even. And if our souls are anchored in the finished work of Jesus Christ, obedience should be the focus of our existence, and joy will be the by-product. Joy, which transcends circumstances, no matter what they are—better by far

than happiness which, by definition, depends on happenings.

Bottom line—I'm trying to remember to stop trying to find that elusive thing called happiness. As I lay off trying, it often creeps in the back door.

Does that mean everything now goes my way? Not even close! But I have someone who holds me even in the middle of life's storms. It's a little like being in the eye of the hurricane, and there's not a safer, more secure place to be.

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