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'Times' of our lives

January 16, 2008
While going through my 'stuff,' I happened across a copy of the Thursday, July 8, 1948 edition of the 'Almont Times Herald' and its caption, "The only newspaper in the world that gives a doggone about Almont."

Eugene M. Little was editor and publisher with a subscripition rate of $1.50 a year. The paper was founded in 1875.

On the front page was a winsome picture of pretty Miss Doris May Ostrum and the account of her wedding to Louis Percy Havens. Then a bit of math....oh no, it can't be! The stork visited us that October. I refuse to believe those figures.

The front page also gave an account of a birthday party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Armstrong for their little daughter Nancy and 15 of her friends.

It was reported

that the "New State Aid Law Provides Economical Transportation For Rural District Pupils." Oh yeah, we who have served on school boards know how sneaky the state can be with promises, promises, promises.

Beneath was another article, "New Buses Purchased by Board of Education.

"The local board of education has purchased two additional new buses to take care of demands for the transportation of school children for the coming year. The Scotch Settlement School District has previously voted to transport all children to the Almont School for the coming year and several other districts including Rider, Terry, Robb and Spangler districts will consider the question at the annual meeting."

I well remember the uproar when plans were being made to close the one-room schools. Some parents objected to their children being thrown in with all those "town kids" plus they would not get individual help as the teacher was able to give smaller classes in the "country school." Even my father went along with that. We were in the Almont School District and had to go into town but he wished we were in the Spangler district. It was the same distance. I'm sure his reasoning was that he wouldn't have to burn so much midnight oil drumming math into my head. A country school teacher would have more time to spend with me (I still hate anything beyond 2 + 2!)

Also on the front page were those then popular "Almont Social News Items." We will enjoy some of those next time.

—Country Cousin

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