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Season the journey with compromise

January 09, 2008
Another year has dawned...and who knows what it will hold. As I type, I think of a day back in 1965—42 years ago today—the day my name, as well as my whole life, changed. My new husband, to whom driving is a vacation, had really hoped to take the few days before my school year resumed to drive his new white '65 Chevy Impala to Denver. I, on the other hand, thinking that was an awfully lot of driving, and being a more destination-oriented person, had weighed in with, "Why don't we just do a little sight-seeing around here and use the drive time for the trip from Iowa back to Michigan? After all," I reasoned, "you never know what the roads will be like in December."

And so it had been decided. We would check out the ambience and hos-pitality of the Amish com-munity 90 miles or so away, and basically, just putter.

How was I to know that December 28 would be balmy, and all the ice and snow would melt, and the back roads of the Amana Colonies would be mud?

Over the years our travel styles have not changed. For our annual (or so) pilgrimage back to Iowa, Mike's style is still to just hit the road and get there. If I had my way, we would make the trip a two-day one and enjoy the sights along the way. Funny, though, how you learn to season the journey with compromise. On our last trip to Iowa, for instance, Mike got off the freeway to stop and eat at that little Amish settlement instead of at a tried-and-true fast-food place—just to humor me. We ate Maid-Rites, just like Grandpa used to like. Paid extra money for the hamburger to be loose instead of made in patties (go figure!) just because Mike had heard me dropping hints the last couple of times we'd driven past there. And I've learned to appreciate him for all the long rides he takes me on to spend time with my relatives (with whom, I'm happy to say, he enjoys spending time).

All of life is as unpredictable as that week in which we began our walk together. It's a journey. And 2008 will be no exception.

Would I want it to be predictable? Probably not.

Am I glad there is Someone who holds the map? For Sure!

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