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Reliving life as a high school senior

January 09, 2008
A bleak, dismal Sunday afternoon, a good afternoon for reminiscing.

I saved a few of our high school periodicals we produced every two weeks or so in 1936, the year Red and I graduated. The covers were orange construction paper. The cartoonists were George Weeker, Robert Emmons or Kenneth Wagner. The cover of the Feb. 28, 1936 edition had a drawing of three boys in the front seat of an old jalopy heading for a basketball game with the caption, "Let's all go to the basketball tournament and support our team!" Take note, there were no school buses way back then, we were all on our own with our parents permitting us to drive a load to the games.

There was a long write-up, "Almont High School Becomes Member of Forensic Association." The high school was holding a dance: "Mike Bentz and his orchestra will furnish the music for Almont High School students and other friends at an invitation dance in the auditorium on the night of Friday, March 13, 1936. A mailing list for invitations is being made out by the Dance Committee. Members of the Dance Committee are Lucille Larson, William Laurent, Peter Bentz and Robert Bowman."

The Father and Son Banquet was a success. Do they have Father and Son, Mother and Daughter Banquets anymore?

In with the "Senior Class News," it was reported that we chose as our class flowers yellow tea roses and blue forget-me-nots. Committees were appointed for our senior prom. Red and I were part of the decorating committee. That must have been quite a job because my five year diary says we worked on it evenings from April 27 until the prom on May 1. The auditorium must have been decorated like a cruise ship as we made life preservers. Quite different from today's proms 72 years later.

I was the "Humor Editor" for our famous Almonte. I think I mentioned it once before. I still have "stuff" left at home. The kids are sifting through it. I hope I didn't pitch my scrapbooks of columns. I was in a pitching mood before moving. It has been suggested that I do a book of my columns. That's an idea...if I didn't pitch them. I have the first book with my first column of March, 1974. A lot of gabbing.

—Country Cousin

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