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Obama, Huckabee, all Americans won in Iowa

January 09, 2008
The Iowa primary caucuses weren't just about huge political wins for Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee. The surprising results were a victory for all Americans.

Regardless of what happens from here on, in a single night Iowans demonstrated that much of the electorate has grown painfully weary of politics as usual in Washington D.C.

If nothing else, the election reflects voters' wishes for a shift from the partisan nastiness and governmental gridlock that has plagued the nation's capitol far too long.

By choosing inspirational leaders like Obama and Huckabee, whose messages feature words of hope and a belief that Americans should be united rather than divided, the people of Iowa sent a loud, discernable message that all the presidential candidates must have clearly heard.

It's time for the mean-spirited, divisive politics of the past to go the way of the dinosaur; to be eliminated from the political landscape so more fertile ground can take hold and positive leadership can flourish.

This is not to suggest that we jump on the "throw the bums out" bandwagon. But our elected leaders need to know that voters are sick of what's been going on, and if they don't change—they will find themselves out of office.

It's time for our politicians to represent the people of this country—and not the selfish interests of those whose money and influence helped get them elected. If we can get to that point, it would mean that character and honesty really do matter.

The Iowa caucuses also showed that money can't always ensure one of victory, even as our current system for funding candidates is grossly unfair to those who don't have it.

It's time for a revolution of thought in America, for a new national mindset that demands that our leaders not be beholden to special interests to the degree that they compromise their values and alter their decisions to honor such allegiances.

Obviously, greed has always played a large part in American culture. It's what drives our economy and energizes our entire way of life. In America, greed is good. Just recall the famous line from the film "Wall Street."

The problem is that when greed and accumulating wealth becomes the end-all, there is a price to be paid. And we as Americans have paid for it dearly by being subject to an inept government whose primary goal has been to gain hold of power and keep it as long as possible. And at the detriment to the people for whom they serve.

The result of this has been decades of self-serving political opportunists who've managed to suck the life right out of our system.

But alas, Americans may have reached a point where we're angry as hell with the status quo and we're not going to take it anymore. Wasn't that line taken from a movie, too?

"Change" was the word most bantered about by the winners, and the losers, in Iowa. Lord knows it is needed. But a week later, one can only hope.

At a minimum, candidates like Obama and Huckabee provide a breath of fresh air in a political climate in Washington D.C. that has grown stale, infectious and poisonous for the American people.

If we're ever going to change, now may be the time.

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