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Lists, lists and more lists

January 02, 2008
Maybe it's the holidays. All that Christmas list crossing off and adding on has us in a, judgmental...mood. Or maybe we dipped a little too often into the eggnog this season.

No matter. Whatever it is, it's the time of year when we get ready for the future by taking one last look at the past. It's the time we here at the Tri-City Times come up with our 'Top Ten' lists. Some you may agree with, some you may want to debate.

For a relatively small community, you'd be surprised at the stories we cover locally, year after year. Stories with life-changing and community-challenging issues. Some incredibly sad, some inspirational, some just plain silly but true. Over the years a murder is certain to hit the top ten, but more often it is the decisions made at a local level that influence the lifestyle.

This year if you check out our list of top ten stories it may surprise you a little and bring back the memory of some headlines that have appeared over the last 12 months.

Editor Catherine Minolli, Assistant Editor Maria Brown and Staff Writer Tom Wearing take it very seriously, make their selections carefully and with a great deal of thought. Of the hundreds of stories and events we cover each year, to pick ten is quite a chore. How many people are affected by this story? What is the short term and long term impact of this story on the communities we cover? And will the end result affect our readers and their way of life?

I think if you take a look at this year's 'Top Ten' selections you'll see all those questions have been addressed.

Sports Editor Kevin Kissane also has his list of 'Top Ten' stories to compile. His, however, is a bit easier to determine. Simply put, who did what and how does his or her performance stack up against everyone else in their respective sport?

Of course, winning a state title assures a 'Top Ten' spot on Kevin's list. Be sure to check his list out as well.

Lists, lists and more lists, I guess that is what we are all about this time of year. We're not the only ones, though. Everyone does it, magazines, newspapers and TV programs alike all compile their lists. Columnists make their own attempts to strike a chord with their readers and often put together a column on New Year's resolutions. Been there, done that. I never keep them anyways!

Rosie Ruby, our longtime Tri-City Times receptionist also helps us compile a list we feel is very important to remember, our friends, neighbors and loved ones who have passed away this past year.

You won't see war stories from Iraq in our top ten lists, or the best dressed, worst dressed, best new movies or worst new movies on our lists. You'll only see the stories that have hit home, perhaps about you or your neighbor.

I hope you enjoy reliving a little of your community's past year from politics to sports.

Happy New Year all!

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