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Celebrations hit closer to home

Readers weigh in on ringing in New Year

January 02, 2008
TRI-CITY AREA — Whether it's partying with friends, visiting with family or just enjoying a laid back night at home, everyone has a favorite way to ring in the New Year.

We asked Tri-City Times Reader Panel members to share their thoughts on how they celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another.

Most, it seems, enjoy quieter celebrations—spending quality time with those they care about most. The party scene, apparently, has run its course for those who checked in with us—including Dryden area resident Donna Corriveau. She and her husband like staying home and preparing an "extra-special meal."

"We're having a couple of close friends over this year, and we may break out a deck of cards or another game," Corriveau says. "We'll have a nice fire in the fireplace and we might even stay up until midnight!"

Corriveau says the hard partying is in the past, and she and her husband enjoy being a little more "mellow."

"It's been more than ten years since we've ventured out on New Year's Eve. It's just really relaxing to enjoy a nice evening at home and not have to worry about drunk drivers on the road."

Avoiding similar worries is what keeps panel members James Bow of Attica and Berlin Twp. resident Tom Blower in for the night.

Like Corriveau, Bow's New Year's Eves have quieted down quite a bit.

"Generally we go to bed after midnight and wake up to start the new year," Bow says. "For many years we might have had a few local friends over, but we have abstained from driving anywhere ourselves. Too many celebrants out drinking and driving and too many accidents. We prefer to stay home—safe—and watch the celebrants on TV."

Ditto for Blower, who says their celebrations are "not very exciting," but are preferred.

"We usually go out for dinner, planning on getting home before 10 p.m.," Blower notes. "We watch other folks having fun on TV. It's safer being home on New Year's Eve."

According to Imlay City reader John Johnson, ringing in the New Year close to home doesn't necessarily mean you're "safe" in all regards.

Johnson and his wife usually attend a special event, like a concert or a play but if there's nothing like that in the area they'll end up at the movies before returning home to watch the ball drop on TV.

"I hope this year is better than last year," Johnson comments. "Last year we went to 'Dream Girls' on New Year's Eve. I got up in the middle of the movie, was sick in the bathroom and then had the flu for the first 10 days of 2007!"

Though his New Year's Eve experience was unique last year, at least it wasn't the movie that made Johnson ill.

Doing something unique—and hopefully healthy—is on the New Year's Eve agenda for readers Kurt Kramer of Imlay Twp. and Miguel Aguilar of the Capac area.

Kramer likes to spend the evening with friends and family, and this year is no exception. He'll just be doing it somewhere else.

"I will not only be with friends and family, but I will be enjoying my favorite hobby—playing music!" Kramer says. "The Fairlanes will be performing at Cavelli's in Lapeer and your's truly will be on the drums."

Aguilar will also be departing from a celebration at home with family and friends and ringing in the New Year at his new business in Imlay City.

"We will be waiting for the New Year at Dreams Dance Club in downtown Imlay City, dancing to the beat of DJ Azteca from Capac," Aguilar says.

The night of dancing and socializing will also be a time to reflect on the past year and the promise of a new one, Aguilar says.

"At the stroke of midnight we will ring in the New Year with friends and family," he says. "Except this year I hope to have more family and new friends to celebrate with and mark a new beginning for this new business venture."

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