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Stranger's kindness extends kids' playtime

Family touched by random act of kindness at Imlay City McDonald's

December 26, 2007
IMLAY CITY — D.B. Faulkner knows a good Christmas story when he hears one. So when he found himself smack dab in the middle of one last week, he just had to tell the tale.

It all started when the great-grandfather of four decided to spend a little quality time with his live-in great-granddaughters at the McDonald's on M-53.

Needless to say, Tia, 8, and Miya, 2, were having the time of their lives on the restaurant's playscape. They'd already enjoyed a burger and fry lunch, so D.B. didn't mind letting the kids blow off some steam as he sat and watched nearby.

Miya was engrossed in play on the slide, but paused momentarily to make a declaration.

D.B. Faulkner with great-granddaughters Miya, 2, and Tia, 8. A strangerís kindness touched D.B., and gave him more play time with the kids. photo by Catherine Minolli.
"I have to go potty," she says to her great-grandfather. D.B. instructed Tia to take the little girl to the restroom, but it was already just a little too late.

"So I told Tia 'We're going to have to leave, Miya is wet,' and a lady who was sitting with a couple of other ladies and kids in the next table heard me," D.B. says.

The lady could obviously relate.

"She said 'Sir, I come prepared for these things,'" D.B. recalls. "'I have some pants and socks that will fit her.'"

The great-grandfather was grateful for the offer, but hesitated to accept the woman's kindness.

"I told her 'Maam, I can't take (the clothes)' and she said 'sure you can, they're not new but they're clean,'" D.B. says.

Still hesitant, D.B.'s mind was made up when Tia tugged at his heartstrings.

"She said 'Papa, please let's don't go,'" so I asked the lady 'Can I pay you for (the clothes)' and she said 'No, I'd like to give them to you,'" D.B. says.

So D.B. accepted the woman's generosity with gratitude. The great-grandkids played for another hour or more and had a great time making a family memory.

"I thought what happened was a good Christmas story," D.B. says of meeting the kind stranger at McDonald's. "I have no idea who she is, I know she knows but she probably forgot about it. I'd just like to thank her and let everyone know how much I appreciate what she did."

Editor: Catherine Minolli began as a freelance writer with the Tri-City Times in 1994. In 1998 she was hired as a staff writer, and became news editor in 2003. A published poet, Catherine was twice named one of Michigan's best emerging writers by the Metro Times, was a contributing writer for the Royal Oak Daily Tribune and the editor of Law Notes, a monthly newsletter for a Birmingham law firm. Catherine enjoys reading, writing, sketching and riding her motorcycle. She is quite smitten with the wooded five acre parcel where she, her cats, ducks and chickens live.
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