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Chains of love

Crossroads students raise funds to help family burned out of home

December 26, 2007
CAPAC — Linking up with the community is a primary goal of students and staff at Crossroads Alternative High School in Capac.

That philosophy was taken literally this week as Crossroads students created a 962-foot-long paper chain for the purpose of helping a family in need this Christmas.

Teacher's aide and project coordinator Judy Hernden said the students were able to collect nearly $120 through the sale of individual paper links, which were then connected to form the long paper chain.

Students and staff from Capacís Crossroads High School pose amidst a 962-foot paper chain they assembled in conjunction with a fundraiser to assist a local family in need this Christmas. Crossroads Principal Stewart Sternberg said the project was a way for students to link with the community. photo by Tom Wearing.

"Our students have had fun with this," said Hernden. "It's always good to have a sense of charity and fellowship, but there's something about the holiday season that helps bring people together."

Crossroads Principal Stewart Sternberg also views community service as a valuable component of the school's curriculum.

"We visit the Capac Senior Center twice a month and we've volunteered at the soup kitchen," said Sternberg. "It's important to get the kids involved. It's a lesson in civic responsibility and it helps develop character."

Student Lorin Young, 16, said she approached the paper chain project with enthusiasm, as did her fellow students.

"We wanted to do something for charity and we all worked together on this," said Lorin. "Everyone got into it."

"It makes us feel good," she said, "because we know we are helping people who might not be having a good Christmas this year."

Hernden pointed out that the money raised will be turned over to Pastor Joan Christoffers of St. John's Lutheran Church in Capac, who in turn will distribute the money or goods to a local family whose home recently burned.

"They had a fire in their home and pretty much lost everything," said Hernden.

To purchase a paper link or to make a donation to the family, contact Judy Hernden or Stewart Sternberg at 395-4074.

Or mail donations to: St. John's Lutheran Church, 109 E. Kempf Ct., Capac, MI 48014. The check should be designated to go toward the school's collection effort.

Crossroads High School, founded in 1995, currently has an enrollment of 30 students. The program was established to provide an alternative educational option for students in danger of dropping out of school.

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