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Remembering the 'Reason for the Season'

December 12, 2007
Mary Ann Farris, whom I mentioned last week, invited Daisy and me on Saturday to the Annual Leader Dog Christmas Party at the Lion's Building. People were there from near and far with the puppies they are training for people with failing eyesight. One lady was working with her 23rd dog. We let our dogs loose to chase around and play. What chaos! One German Shepherd named Morgan had a crush on Daisy which she did not appreciate.

Wally Bronner of Bronner's Christmas Wonderland came to visit and was the guest speaker. He told of a custom of homes in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Sweden where they inscribe above the front doors the letters C M B, placing a cross between each letter. This is done every year on January 6, the Epiphany, commemorating the wisemen being led by the star to the manger. The legendary names of the Magi were Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar. Many people interpret the three letters as the initials of those names. In reality, these letters originate from the Latin phrase "Christus Mansem Benedicat" (May Christ bless this home). This religious custom expresses the belief that the Lord remains with His people throughout the year.

A new friend, Helen, from Independence Village, asked me to go with her Sunday afternoon to the 57th Annual Christmas Concert at St. Lorenz Lutheran Church across the street from us. It was called,"What Sweeter Music," and how true it was. With such a huge congregation they have a choir of over 70 plus a wind ensemble, a treble choir, male chorus and parish handbells. When all joined in as we sang the final carol "O Come All Ye Faithful," it sent shivers up and down my spine and really made me aware of "the Reason for the Season." It seems that earlier every year the glitter and glamour take over the real reason for observing the birthday of Jesus.

However, Sunday's performance was no more impressive than our own community chorus plus guest artists singing "Hallelujah Chorus" last year at the Methodist Church in Romeo.

I have been pleased to have visits from grand-daughters Crissy and Carlee and their families. I had coloring books and crayons for them and my refrigerator is well decorated. Little great- grandson Tanner did some of his first creeping here. Of course my kids have all been to visit. Alan and Pauline called from Queen trying to find a few things that I forgot. Moving after 75 years in one home is quite an experience. Just don't save 'stuff!'

—Country Cousin

Gertie is an Almont native and historian. She has been writing a local column for us for over 30 years. You'll enjoy her friendly and colorful style of writing.
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