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This column is a regular feature submitted by the five library systems in Lapeer County: Almont District, Dryden Township, Lapeer District (8 locations), North Branch Township, Ruth Hughes Memorial District (2 locations) and the Family Literacy Center (La

November 21, 2007
Question of the Week @ the Library: I struggle to understand information given to me by my doctors. Sometimes I'm not even sure if I'm taking my medications right. My reading skills are not great. Is there anything out there that can help?

Answer: Many adults struggle with literacy skills, at least one in five. Medical information is often difficult to understand and, often, you are emotionally stressed in a medical setting. Doctors often talk in specialized medical terms that you may not understand. The first thing to do is to let your doctor know about your concern. Ask him or her to slow down. Try taking someone with you to your appointments if you can. Write down questions you want to ask your doctor for your own reference. You can also improve your reading skills by getting help at the Family Literacy Center. Help is free and offered at flexible times and locations throughout Lapeer County. Additionally, the Family Literacy Center has an American Medical Association training video available that helps doctors and their staff members communicate more clearly with patients. The Family Literacy Center will schedule trainings with individual medical facilities. Call 810-664-2737. Resources at your Lapeer District Library include the "Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary and Medical Meanings: A Glossary of Word Origins" by William S. Haubrich.

Upcoming activities @ the Library:

November 30, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tutoring Made Easy. You may register by either calling Family Literacy Center at 810-664-2737 or emailing

December 5, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Free Internet Basics Class. Pre-registration is required. To register call the deAngeli Branch library at 810-664-6971.

For further events, log on to for more information.

New @ the Library:

1. "Black & White" (Dani Shapiro) -- Clara Brodeur has spent her entire adult life pulling away from her mother, a controversial photographer, whose reputation rests on the nude portraits she took of Clara as a child. Clara's mother is dying, and would like to reconcile with Clara, but Clara carries much anger over the pictures taken of her as a naked child, as she feels she was exploited and abused.(Fiction)

2. "Bitter Sweets" (Roopa Farooki)--Bitter Sweets is a three generation saga about a Pakistani family that hides its tangled affairs from each other. (Fiction)

3. "The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry" (Kathleen Flinn) -- Kathleen Flinn's memoir of stopping mid-career to go to cooking school in Paris. There is humor in the cantankerous and demanding chefs, the blunderings in French, and one set of appalling houseguests. There is suspense in the tentative application to Le Cordon Bleu, the breathless anticipation of a difficult recipe, and the high-stakes final exam. There is romance in her developing relationship and in the detailed descriptions of Paris. (Non-Fiction)

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