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Coming to terms with the facts of life, gleaned over the years

October 31, 2007
Facts of life as I get older:

1. Some things I can't forget, like the phone number of a friend, memorized 40-some years ago; others I can't remember, like my Social Security number, certain digits of which I keep getting confused with the phone number from 40-some years ago. I'll probably remember 'til my dying day that two of my junior high friends, both with the initials BB, celebrated their birthdays on September 17; but do you think I can keep the grandkids' birthdays straight? And I just remembered I missed an appointment I'd made three weeks ago, rescheduled for this week, waited anxiously for it, and then, when one little bump showed up in my day, I totally forgot to keep it.

2. My grandkids, by age six, know more about computers and other technology than I ever will. On the other hand, I try to keep them reminded that I know stuff which can only be gleaned from having lived a long time.

3. It seems that when I've finally managed to get it all together, I've lost track of where it was again I put it. Or, if perchance I still have it, I'm a week late collecting it.

4. Every time I think I have life figured out, something changes. Somehow, strangely, that lines up with "There is nothing new under the sun."

5. I hear many comments in the lunchroom which I could only wish would turn into "Scooby moments." (as in when a kid with a tuna sandwich says eeeuw to the kid with a pbj and vice versa— I haven't seen humus ones yet—if you had the TODAY show on, as I do at this moment, you'll understand this one.

6. Building Lego wonders on the floor with the grandkids isn't as enticing as it once was. Even if I get down, the getting up is less than graceful.

7. A kid asked me what that was on my chin, and I, wiping at it, asked if it was off now, and he said, (direct quote) "I didn't know it could come off.''

8. Belly laughs and leg crossings go together.

9. I'm not O.K., you're not O.K., but that's O.K..

10. I'm sounding a lot like my mom who used to tell me, "The older you get, the faster time seems to go."

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