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Ads financed 1922 'annual'

October 31, 2007
My oldest brother, Floyd Park, graduated from Almont High School with the class of 1922. The high school put out a professional looking "Annual" that year called "The Quill." It was respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Eunice Hough Johnson as a symbol of appreciation of her devoted services to Almont High School. I inherited Floyd's copy. Ads from many of the businesses helped to finance publishing The Quill. Reading the ads brought back childhood memories.

Do you 'golden-oldies' remember the Star Theater? Its ad reads "Good, Clean, Up-To-Date Shows." The first movies I remember seeing were black and white and silent. A girl by the name of Avisha (I think) Bartles used to play the piano for effects. If it was an intense scene, she could really rattle those keys. It was on the west side of Main Street "You'll Like Quick Service at the ALMONT CAFE for Short Order meals and Lunches. Candies, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks of All Kinds. A.& E. BISCHAK." MARIA'S now occupies that building. "ALMONT TELEPHONE CO. W.F. Hammond, Mgr." Remember when Almont had its own telephone office? "From the sweet-scented clover fields of Michigan comes the nectar that makes the finest HONEY in the world. 'The Incomparable Sweet' Let us give you a booklet that tells more. THE RATTRAY-HAMILTON CO. Honey and Beekeepers' Supplies, Almont, Michigan. It was at the Lane-Swayze Clinic site. "MAX TABOR, Always in the Lead on FIRST CLASS BARBER WORK." "Automobile Accessories, Supplies and Repairs. FORD The Universal Car, FRANK BISHOP Authorized Agent, Almont, Michigan. "THE ALMONT HERALD, G.W. Paton, Editor and Publisher, ALL HOME PRINT. Next year give us a chance to make a price on your High School Annual; also on your commencement engraving." "THE RACKET STORE" Sarah Durham, Prop." The European Deli now occupies Miss Durham's store. She made and sold hats and also sold beautiful dishes. My Grandmother Miller bought a beautiful set of gold trimmed dishes there. My niece, Pam Park-Curry came just last weekend to claim them. "MR. AND MRS. C.E. LEWIS LICENSED EMBALMERS, Cor. N. Main and W. St. Clair St., ALMONT, MICH., phone 44,F2" Speedway Gas Station now occupies that space. Their daughter, Lenora Lewis, graduated with Floyd.

Almont’s 1921 football team had a good season going until a heavy snowfall in early November curtailed their schedule.

There were 14 in the class of 1922. Their individual pictures were shown with credits of their accomplishments at the side. Floyd Park "Sam" had the most. Football Team--Four Years, Baseball Team--Four Years, Track Team--Four Years,

President Athletic Association 1921-1922, Junior President. There was also a boys Tennis Team and girls Basketball Team.

The faculty for the whole school was as follows: J.W. Bishop--Superintendent,

B.F. Braidwood--Principal, Mrs. E. Hough Johnson, Ph. B.--Latin and History, R.P.

Gallagher--Science, Miss Ora Hoffman--English and French, Miss Hazel Speer--Music and Art, Mrs. Agnes Little--Sixth and Seventh grades, Mrs. Lulu T. Dodge--

Fourth and Fifth grades, Mrs. Charlotte Wilder--Second and Third grades, Miss Emily Roth--First grade. The Eighth grade was part of High School.

The football season of 1921 was cut short by the heavy snowfall early in November, but Almont had a good scoring season. Almont 82 points, Opponents 2 points and that was Dryden.

— Country Cousin

Gertie is an Almont native and historian. She has been writing a local column for us for over 30 years. You'll enjoy her friendly and colorful style of writing.
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