February 26 • 12:47 PM

Spirited celebrants keep things spooky

Sweetness the Clown sets out along the Almont Spooky Time Parade route, followed by a long line of parents and costumed kids in tow. The event was sponsored by the Almont Downtown Development Authority with the assistance of other community organizations and volunteers. Turn to page 3-A for coverage of Imlay City’s Merchants Trick-or-Treat. photo by Tom Wearing.

October 31, 2007
ALMONT — What rain?

The hundred-plus children assembled downtown Saturday for the annual Spooky Time Parade cast nary a glance at the mist falling from the sky.

Protected from the elements beneath a pair of large tents at the corner of School and Main streets, their eyes were focused on other things—like candy, cider and an assortment of goodies provided by the Almont DDA, Lions Club and other volunteer organizations.

Once the rain subsided sufficiently, Sweetness the Clown led the dozens of Halloween-costumed youngsters and their parents on a walk around the block.

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The kids' costumes ran the gamut, featuring ghosts, goblins, fairy princesses, pirates, cowboys, firefighters, witches, vampires and a lone robot. A few super-heroes were scattered in the crowd, just in case an evil villain got any ideas to disrupt the festivities.

One pair of Spiderman devotees, Joel Gucciardi, 4, and Max Marta, 4, compared costumes and notes about what they should do if trouble broke out. Fortunately, nothing did.

Adding to the haunted holiday mix were 15-20 members of the Almont High School marching band, who volunteered their time to entertain.

Dodging rain drops, the band members warmed themselves and the crowd with the musical strains of jock jams like Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll," possibly better known as "The Hey Song."

The spirited musical selections may well have been left over from the Almont Raider's last-minute football win over Lake Fenton on Friday night, giving the town yet another reason to celebrate in Saturday's crisp and damp autumn air.

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