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More evidence of conspiracy theories

October 17, 2007
Once again, I'm witnessing pronoia in action.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, it was created by writer/astrologist Rob Breszny, who says it's the antidote to paranoia. It's all about embracing the concept that the universe is "fundamentally friendly," Breszny says. "It's a mode of training your senses and intellect so you're able to perceive the fact that life always gives you exactly what you need exactly when you need it..."

I was first turned onto Breszny's concept when 'The Sun' magazine printed an excerpt from his book on the subject in one of their issues. I was reminded about it when my path crossed with another 'Sun' reader and kindred spirit—I realized it was pronoia in action.

I wrote quite a bit about it in this space last week, and—how predictable under this new pronoiac practice of mine—got some feedback that helps feed my soul...

Almont resident Janis Grant, who operates Reliteration Books, a used book store housed in the upper level of The Mill, emailed the following.

"I think you would be surprised to know just how many 'Sun' readers there are in this area. Some years ago I had a letter to the editor published there and people were coming out of the woodwork to comment on it. Well, two people. And one was my mail carrier...You see? Kindred spirits everywhere. Stop by my bookshop someday. You will feel at home..."

Dryden area resident and artist Ruth Songer dropped me a line about the 'Altered Art Diner' story in last week's paper. She pass-ed along her compliments and then brought up the column.

"...I hope you are planning a follow-up to your pronoia column. Nowhere did you mention where to get 'The Sun.' This is something I have never heard of but it sounds right up my alley. You can't tease your readers with this kind of bait and then fail to mention how we can go about getting copies of 'The Sun!'

I enjoyed meeting you and seeing someone else who is enthusiastically forging their own road in life. Cutting through the underbrush to create a new path isn't easy but it's way more fun than following the paved roads...Laugh even when there's nothing to laugh about..."

A column I wrote the week before 'pronoia' was again proof of its influence in the universe.

Cynthia Pankala of Attica emailed me to share her thoughts about the odd and opposing media treatment of Timothy Treadwell and Steve Irwin, both of whom died doing what they loved—getting too close to wild nature.

Her well-written take on the situation was thoughtful and in my opinion right on.

She ends the email saying that she's got to rush off to continue storing the season's harvest for consumption during the long winter months. She ment-ions that she's taken a personal vow to eat only locally produced foods as much as possible, and explains that now that autumn is upon us, she realizes she's not as prepared as she'd like to me.

This prompts my inter-est, and of course I ask her if I could do a feature story about her quest to eat locally grown food exclusively. I also mention that her note to me about the Treadwell/Irwin thing was so well-written that I wished I could use it as a letter to the editor.

Something clicks in Cynthia's brain—and it's pronoia at its best. It seems she, too, is "cutting through the underbrush to create a new path..."She proposes an idea to write a column about her journey, and the first one appears on page 1-B. Check it out. It's really very good, thought provoking and definitely leaves you waiting for the next installment.

So this wave of 'kindred spirits' sparked by a kindred spirit named Mikann and by her reminder that the universe is, indeed, a friendly place and is, indeed, conspiring to give me—and all of us—exactly what we need when we need it the most.

Have you, too, experienced pronoia in action? Let me know about it so I can share it with the universe and we can keep the ball rolling...

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