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Staying a step ahead of grandkids

September 05, 2007
One lonely star (the only one, but oh, so bright)...swath of pink on the horizon (a narrow swath, but nonetheless pink)...alarm going off...all invade my consciousness within the same minute.

The last thing I'd remembered from before that was lying awake thinking EARLY coming...lots to do...EARL Y DEADLINE...that re-configures my day...wonder what time it is, I should just get up and type.

But obviously I hadn't, and now it's crunch time. In the background a TV announcer just said he hadn't seen such a beautiful forecast for a Labor Day weekend in a long time, so I guess I shouldn't worry about that pink swath—it WAS, after all, very narrow—and I'll tend to the things over which I have control, namely, getting this typed and brought to Catherine first off (since one of the things, besides the weather, over which I don't seem to have control, is other functions of this computer-including getting it to e-mail.)

One of the things that is happening is that some of the kids and grandkids are coming. And actually, we're babysitting the grandkids for a little while so their parents can go off and do something with friends. Therein lies the challenge. While I'm as excited as can be at the prospect, I'm also a little worried about keeping up with them. I figure the key is staying a step ahead of them. So over the last couple of days I've replenished our short supply of kid-pleasers with a few new ones. Not expensive ones, but little gadgets and gimmicks which cost next to nothing and probably will last all of five minutes. But I figured that was OK since their attention span is probably shorter than that. Interspersed with activities you can only do on the farm, like meandering up our little country road, helping Grandma pick a little corn, checking out the elderberries

next to the corn patch, maybe taking a sack lunch to the roadside park, I think I'll be able to build some memories without losing my mind (or a kid.) They'll probably have more muck under their toenails than their dad has ever seen, but, you know, I think that'll be OK with him. I won't get a lick of work done, but that's alright with me too. In the greater scheme of things, who will care?

But until then...I'm off and running. Being prepared is half the battle, right?

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