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Keepin' it local

Spotlight shines on local growers at Almont Farmers Market on Sat.

August 29, 2007
ALMONT — Adam Miller is only 13, but he already knows what it takes to be a successful farmer: Diligence and hard work.

Representing Miller's Medley on Hough Road, Adam was one of about a dozen local growers Saturday, who took part in "Meet the Farmer Day" at the Almont Farmers Market.

The son of Kevin and Sue Miller, Adam says there's little time for sloughing off if you want to be a successful farmer.

"I've learned that if you work and don't complain, the work gets done a lot faster," says Adam. "You definitely have to work hard to succeed. And if you want to make any money, you can't just lounge around."

Adam says the family, which includes his parents and four sisters, grows and sells apples, peaches, plums, pumpkins and gourds.

His mom, Sue, also makes stained glass windows and related items for sale on the farm and at the weekly Farmers Market.

Adam feels the average consumer doesn't fully realize the work that goes into farming, nor do they appreciate the common challenges farmers face.

"In our case, some people think a peach tree is filled with all good peaches," says Adam. "The truth is that sometimes it takes an hour to get a half-bushel of good peaches. The bugs eat a lot of them and others aren't good enough to sell."

But not everyone takes farmers for granted. Shawna Burns, who was joined at the Almont Farmers Market by her daughters, Callahan and Sinclaire, is happy to have access to locally-grown products.

"I really like the local produce and the flowers," says Burns. "It's so good to have it available right here in Almont. My girls like to come along, too, to see and pet the animals."

Jill Hough, who helps organize the Farmers Market at the corner of Main and School streets, stresses that consumers can more easily place their trust in local growers versus more distant food providers.

"It's common for people to go to their local doctor or dentist," she says. "We feel it's equally important for people to trust in their local farmer. They are the people you can talk to about farming practices and the value of buying from local growers."

The Almont Farmers Market is open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. through October, or later in the season if weather permits.

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