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Song reverberates through head

August 22, 2007
The words were ricocheting through the corridors of my, run, run the race...keep, keep, keep the the race, keep the pace...''

I was trying to sleep, trying to shut my brain down long enough to get some much needed rest after a hectic week, made so by the busyness of Vacation Bible School and things related, and culminating in packing Michael off yesterday for his first year in an apartment.

We had almost not had VBS this year; no one had time to assume the respon-sibility. When someone had finally stepped up, the rest of us fell into step and helped make it happen. Late planning took its toll, how-ever, and I had felt the pressure of having carved out for myself only a week of prep time.

To me, a week had seemed long enough, since the stories were familiar ones, ones I had told before. What I hadn't worked into the equation was that, in an effort to make the week "an experience" for the children who came, and also, in an attempt to bridge from the known to the unknown, the writers of the materials had given the materials a sports theme. GAME CENTRAL-Where Heroes are Made-based on Hebrews 12:1,2 pointed kids to Bible characters who had obeyed and followed God's leading, and encouraged them to do so also.

To project the theme and weave the story lines became the mission of the week. Athlete that I am (not) sometimes found me sweating small details which kept me repeating the theme from the sermon I heard right before my prep week. "Only one thing is needful....Only one thing is needful" from the Jesus, Mary, and Martha story repeated in my heart to the "run the race...keep the pace" in my brain. Time constraints found them sometimes running parallel instead of merging. Finally, by week's end, as I observed many behind-the-scenes details and found myself involved in others, the lines were merging as I also repeated the last line of the game theme. "Run, run, run the race—keep, keep, keep the pace—Run the race, keep the pace, keep your eyes on Jesus."

Yes. After all was said and done—despite Play-Doh in tennis shoe treads and walked into the carpeting-my tear-down crew of boys taking my request to tear down somewhat more boisterously than I had anticipated, and all the other stuff I had not seen coming—I knew that little song—if nothing else—was going through the minds and hearts of 80 kids. And that makes it all a good memory.

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