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Prospect of moving puts writer in a fog

July 18, 2007
An apology is due to you who read in last week's column that my little country church was having their annual Ice Cream Social the wrong day. A bad mistake. It was Thursday, July 12. Our usual United Methodist Women's meeting is the third Thursday of the month and I guess I automatically put that down. My mind isn't dependable these days with the stress of sorting out, saving and throwing away in preparation for my expected move.

Jim Bollaert, my real estate specialist, suggested I get rid of some of my 'clutter' before my home is shown. What clutter? I ask-ed myself. All I could see was 'stuff' that made it home to me. When my family was here a few weekends ago to throw 'stuff' out the window and into a dumpster, daughter-in-law Lynda took my hand and led me to the entrance to my family room and with a flourish of her hand toward the windows of the front room said, "Get rid of all that clutter, it detracts from your natural oak woodwork and pine doors."

I was still in a fog. She pointed out my collection of Longaberger baskets, the library table full of grandchildren's wedding pictures and family pictures, and three antique chairs. The pictures have been packed away to take with me to clutter my library table at Independence Village, nephew Tom Bleau from Bay City came for two of the chairs that have been in the Brooks family since year one and the baskets are out of sight. Now it looks bare and cold, but you can see the oak woodwork and pine doors that pioneer Everett Furgerson had put in this home.

The dry spell we are experiencing reminds me of the drought of the early thirties when I was just a kid. I remember my dad searching the skies each evening for signs of rain. I find myself doing the same. Our well threatened to run dry and trips were made to the creek to fill milk cans of water for the livestock.

The next year Kinsey the Well Driller came to dig a new well. He drilled and drilled and drilled. My dad thought Kinsey was pulling his leg and digging for money. However, he hit a flowing well and we had and still have lots of water.

—Country Cousin

Gertie is an Almont native and historian. She has been writing a local column for us for over 30 years. You'll enjoy her friendly and colorful style of writing.
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