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Seasonal 'pests' make appearance

July 11, 2007
Just like flies, mosquitoes, ants, wasps and other seasonal pests, hordes of bicyclists are making their annual appearance.

There are few things more irritating than taking a leisurely drive on a beautiful sunny day, only to encounter a veritable convoy of bicyclists encroaching out into the driving lane.

I'm not opposed to bicycling per se. I did plenty of it as a kid but always kept to the sidewalks or back roads where it was relatively safe.

While acknowledging that bicycling is great exercise and a good way to shed pounds, one would hope that adult enthusiasts give greater consideration to when and where they ride.

For example: Please don't ride along the perimeter of a roadway where normal traffic speeds range from 55-70 mph. If your bicycle is incapable of such speeds, then find another place to ride—like a back road, park or designated bicycle path.

Also, please don't ride in packs. Bicycles are not motorcycles which are capable of keeping up with any mode of surrounding traffic.

Motorcycles are not being pedaled by people who look like they might keel over at any moment from exhaustion.

Besides, bicyclists don't look nearly as cool as "real" bikers. That's reason enough for them to keep off the main roads.

It's understandable that cyclists may be in no hurry to get to their destinations, but those driving motor vehicles are generally accustomed to getting places a little more quickly.

They're not used to having to slow down to speeds of 12-15 mph to accommodate an endless line of hunched-over minimum-speed freaks.

Not only do these nervy hellions on two wheels cause a serious disruption to traffic flow, they are a threat to the public safety—placing themselves and the operators of motorized vehicles in great danger.

While motorists are required to make adjustments by slowing down and turning the steering wheel to the left to avoid hitting these "psychlists" (in most cases having to cross the center line), bicyclists appear oblivious to the affect they are having on drivers. It's as though ignorance is bliss to these people.

Let's face it, any time motorists are forced to venture out of their lanes (and into oncoming traffic) to avoid striking one of these slow-moving, seemingly stationary objects, something has got to give. And I don't think it's going to be the couple tons of steel they're sharing the road with.

I feel like I'm starting to sound like that Andy Rooney guy on "60 Minutes," but this has got to be peeving off someone else besides me.

The most frustrating thing, though, is that even if you honk your horn at these exercise freaks on two wheels, it won't do any good.

They'll just ring their little silver bells back at you and be on their merry way.

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