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30 years of sharing work, life and history

June 20, 2007
Monday, June 18, 2:45 am: I'm nudged awake by my wife, Kim.

"Are you sleeping?" she asks.

"Of course not—why would I be sleeping at this hour?" I reply sarcastically.

"Happy Anniversary," she whispers.

Usually she pokes me in the ribs to wake me because I'm snoring.

"Hey, you're goin' to wake the dead!" she has shouted on more than one occassion. This time though, she simply wanted to tell me it had been 30 years of marriage.

Has it really been 30 years?

It doesn't seem that long ago that I told my college buddies I was engaged to a girl from Alma, Michigan, a secretary at City Hall.

Yep, that was over 30 years ago.

In 30 years we have raised our only child, Keil, to adulthood, moved from one home to another, and worked hard, shoulder to shoulder building a life in the newspaper business. She was understanding and supportive when I got the idea for a outdoor publication that took me from home for days on end, sometimes feeling like it may not succeed.

It did make a difference you know.

We've spent more than half our lives together. They say that couples start looking like each other after they've been together this long. (I'll apologize for that right now! And thank goodness its not true.) I wonder why. Is it because they share the same ups and downs, the same joys and traumas of life? Do the lines creeping onto our faces tell the same stories? Are they worry lines from Keil's asthma attacks when he was just a young boy? Are they smile lines from the many laughs we have shared together? Or could they be from the pain of struggling in the newspaper business?

We share so much history.

I think that's a plus of long-term marriages. We can relive memories together without having to engage in lengthy explanations of background material. It's as though we've both already read the book, we can go directly to the same chapter and page. Familiar accounts summon old pleasures that can be enjoyed all over again.

I suppose sharing things together is the essence of a marriage and the reason we have gotten to this point in our lives. I like a lot of things in life: sports, the outdoors, books, family, friends and movies. Yet I enjoy those things twice as much when I can share them with my wife of 30 years.

Happy 30th Kim.

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