February 26 • 12:41 PM

Streetscape project takes a curve in downtown Capac

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May 23, 2007
CAPAC — With less than two months until the village's sesquicentennial, officials gave the okay to shut down Main St. entirely through the business district last week.

Acting Manager Dennis Collison said wet weather and the sidewalk replacements delayed the project considerably.

Crews were planning to finish stamped concrete work on Tuesday and begin black topping, both on the east side of Main St.

"We need some good weather," Collison said.

Shoppers can still access downtown businesses through their rear entrances and use municipal parking lots on Mill St. near the post office and off the east alley between Mill and Church streets.

The complete closure of Main Street didn't sit well with Walter Jeczen, owner of Capac Resale Shop. Jeczen, who recently moved his store into the former St. Vincent de Paul's location, says it's a major inconvenience for his customers.

"I have a rear entrance, but a lot of other businesses don't," Jeczen says. "I don't have any sign on that rear entrance, though, and I'm not happy about having to spend $700 to have a sign made."

As a result of the street closure, the Memorial Day parade has been cancelled but ceremonies will still take place at the Capac Rd. cemetery.

A backhoe operator takes a break from loading concrete slabs Tuesday morning on Main St. in Capac. The streetscape project is in full swing, now that downtown has been closed entirely to traffic. photo by Maria Brown.

Editor Catherine Minolli contributed to this report.

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