February 26 • 12:46 PM

Take comfort in roadblocks of life

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May 16, 2007
Right after Oprah Winfrey's address at Howard University's commencement Sunday, she told about having been told, among other things, to change her name...because no one would remember Suzie or something—a name people could remember. Her employers back then also told her that she was too black and too...(I forgot what else). "And,'' she added, "they put me on a talk show just to run out my contract.''

At that point in her address, Oprah told the university graduates, "There's no such thing as failure. It's God's way of saying: 'Take another path.'''

WOW! That coming from a universally recognized TV personage!

Success doesn't always come through that direct a route even, though. Sometimes the path of success comes at the end of a windy road. And then again, there's the question: "What exactly is success?'' "And will I recognize it when I get there?''

Something else I have discovered is that along the road of life there are often guardrails. Because we're sometimes daring and reckless, thinking we're invincible especially as we begin the journey, we don't recognize them as such, don't know the comfort of having them. Anyone who has ever traveled through mountains, though, knows the comfort of a guardrail on the edge of a canyon.

So, young folks especially, on the cusp of the future, be comforted that there are rockblocks...and guardrails...along the road to success. Be encouraged. Predetermine where it is you are heading. I could say much more, but I will save that for another day.

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