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Imlay City boys, girls pull upthird at the TCT Capac Relays

May 09, 2007
TRI-CITY AREA — The Imlay City, Capac and Almont boys' track teams notched respective finishes of third, fourth and fifth last Saturday at The 28th Annual Tri-City Times Capac Relays.

When the final scores were added up, Cros-Lex's 136-point total set the pace. They were followed by Caro (103), Imlay City (82), Capac (51), Almont (45), Armada (33) and Bad Axe (eight).

The 1600-meter relay of David Sears, John Duke, Angel Pizzaro and Mike Guerrero led Imlay City with a first that day. It took them 3:38.99 to accomplish the feat.

The freshman 400 (E.J. Webster, Cody Wedlake, Kevin Shene and Alex Maldonado) and 800 (Angel Pizzaro, John Duke, Sears and Guerrero) relays gave Imlay City seconds. They were timed in 48.88 seconds and 1:37.29, respectively.

The pole vault (Stan Francis, Rick Davis and Shene), 400 (D.J. Salet, Angel Pizzaro, John Duke and Maldonado), sprint medley (Sears, Salet, Guerrero and Maldonado) and shuttle hurdle (Chase Dockham, Joey Christunas, Angel Pizzaro and Webster) and 3200 (Hector Pizzaro, Shene, Radelt and Guerrero) relays provided Imlay City's thirds that day. Those lineups registered respective efforts of 32 feet 6 inches, 47.11 seconds, 1:15.49, 1:17.63 and 9:12.56 en route.

The high jump (John Duke, Francis and Webster), long jump (John Duke, Trevor Dockham and Salet), shot put (Joey Walker, Mason Duke and Francis), Greg Parker Classic (Sarah Bennett, Trevor Dockham, Kelsey Bosch and Radelt), coed (Amanda Lacertosa, Trevor Dockham, Bennett and Radelt) and 6400 (Hector Pizzaro, Radelt, Shene and Davis) relays contributed Imlay City's fourths. They turned in respective performances of 15 feet 6 inches, 49 feet 9 1/2 inches, 115 feet 1 3/4 inches, 13:07.26, 16:49.52 and 21:32.8 along the way.

A discus relay of Mason Duke, Francis and Walker completed the list of Imlay City placewinners with a fifth. Their top tosses, added together, resulted in a total of 305 feet 8 inches.

A 6400 relay team of Todd Lawrence, Mike Hull, Brendan Pfeifer and Josh Murphy paced Capac with a second that day. They were timed in 20:22.74.

The shot put (Alex Wegner, Tino Siewert and Steven Spencer), Greg Parker Classic (Melissa Sawicki, Todd Lawrence, Jessica Medrano and Murphy) and coed (Lindsey Manning, Pfeifer, Melissa Sawicki and Murphy) relays provided Capac with thirds. Those lineups registered respective performances of 115 feet 4 1/4 inches, 12:40.23 and 16:35.19 along the way.

The pole vault (Brian Kulman, Cody Rosseau and Tyler Sawicki), discus (Dan Jackson, Wegner and Siewert), freshman 400 (Josh Nemecek, Calvin Nelson, Sawicki and Rosseau), sprint medley (Jake Rawlins, Kevin Bolday, Matt Walker and Nelson) and 3200 (Joe Camire, Murphy, Lawrence and Pfeifer) relays notched Capac's fourths that day. They managed respective efforts of 30 feet 6 inches, 310 feet 9 inches, 51.73 seconds, 1:16.49 and 9:13.47 en route.

The long jump (Shane Sinda, Dave Moore and Bolday), 800 (Nelson, Rosseau, Rawlins and Walker) relays gave Capac fifths. Those lineups had performances of 47 feet 11 inches and 1:41.54, respectively.

A 400 relay team of Rosseau, Bolday, Nemecek and Nelson added a sixth to Capac's cause. It took them 51.23 seconds to accomplish the feat.

The long jump (Jake Barocio, Nick Vassallo and Sean Cooper) and shuttle hurdle (San Kyte, Shane DeMeere, Mike Owen and Cooper) relays topped Almont with seconds that day. Those lineups supplied efforts of 51 feet and 1:11.34, respectively.

The high jump (David Meek, Barocio and DeMeere) freshman 400 (Chris Harris, Garrett Savage, Joe Dzieskowski and Meek) and 800 (Marcus Laponse, Vassallo, Cooper and Savage) relays provided Almont with thirds. They logged respective performances of 15 feet 10 inches, 51.25 seconds and 1:39.63 en route.

The 1600 relay of Chris Reske, San Kyte, DeMeere and Vassallo generated the lone Almont fourth that day. They were timed at 3:54.02.

The pole vault (Ryan Beehler, Kyte and DeMeere), shot put (Andy Grant, Ben Strouse and Dillon Melly) and 400 (Ben Wroebel, Cooper, Laponse and Savage) relays collected Almont's fifths. They furnished respective performances of 28 feet 6 inches, 114 feet 1 1/2 inches; and 50.37 seconds en route.

The sprint medley relay of John Wroebel, Ben Wroebel, Laponse and Savage tacked on a sixth to Almont's cause. They stopped the watch at 1:20.05.

In the girls' portion of the meet, Imlay City ranked third.

Cros-Lex paced the field assembled, thanks to an output of 129 points. Armada (67 points), Imlay City (66), Caro (60), Almont (59), Bad Axe (32) and Capac (31) occupied places two through seven when the final standings were announced.

The shot put (Allison Gass, Leeanne Fifield and Denise Soulliere), 400 (Becky Hummel, Taelor Webb, Nicole Wilcox and Christine Hillman), freshman 400 (Kelsey Bosch, Caley Campbell, Jaclyn Jerzewski and Webb), sprint medley (Hummel, Webb, Wilcox and Hillman) and 800 (Hummel, Webb, Wilcox and Hillman) relays led Imlay City with seconds that day. They logged respective efforts of 73 feet 7 inches, 54.37 seconds, 56.37 seconds, 1:25.45 and 1:58.29 along the way.

The long jump (Ashley Roth, Hillman and Hummel) and discus (Gass, Fifield and Soulliere) relays supplied Imlay City's thirds. Those lineups furnished efforts of 39 feet 4 inches and 195 feet 11 inches, respectively.

The Greg Parker Classic (Brittany Price, Trevor Dockham, Bosch and Radelt) and coed (Lacertosa, Trevor Dockham, Bennett and Radelt) relays notched Imlay City's fourths that day. Those lineups managed respective performances of 13:07.26 and 16:49.52 en route.

Imlay City also counted fifths from their 1600 (Emily Druker, Bosch, Jerzewski and Roth), 3200 (Ashley Reinhardt, Bennett, Lacertosa and Price) and 6400 (Ashton Tripp, Lacertosa, Price and Bennett) relays. They turned in respective clockings of 4:59.63, 11:47.58 and 26:21.37 along the way.

The discus (Jenny Murphy, Melissa McGarey and Kim Lams), 3200 (Brandy Ullom, Marie Burkland, Lauren Rogers and Lauren Deneweth) and 6400 (Ullom, Deneweth, Rogers and Burkland) paced Almont with seconds that day. They logged respective efforts of 200 feet 6 inches, 11:01.44 and 25:13.16 en route.

The pole vault (Chelsea Bijansky, Elizabeth Murto and Rogers) and shuttle hurdle (Jaime Ligon, Bridget Corkum, Samantha Zichichi and Jolie Wycinski) relays claimed Almont's thirds. Those lineups turned in respective performances of 14 feet 6 inches and 1:26.56 along the way.

The high jump (Ullom, Ligon and Wycinski), long jump (Lindsay Benoit, Chelsea Bijansky and Corkum), shot put (Murphy, McGarey and Lams), 400 (Nicole Heim, Benoit, Bijansky and Corkum) and 1600 (Wycinski, Burkland, Murto and Rogers) supplied Almont's fourths that day. They checked in with respective efforts of 8 feet 2 inches, 38 feet 3 inches, 65 feet 10 3/4 inches, 56.64 seconds and 4:43.8 en route.

The sprint medley relay of Benoit, Heim, Ligon and Bijansky contributed a fifth to Almont's cause. They stopped the watch at 1:27.33.

An 800 relay of Corkum, Ligon, Zichichi and Heim completed the list of Almont placewinners with a sixth. It took them 56.64 seconds to accomplish the feat.

The sprint medley (Brandy Bly, Tabitha Czekiel, Marissa Moore and Medrano), 800 (Danielle Nieman, Bly, Moore and Czekiel), 3200 (Melissa Sawicki, Manning, Nieman and Medrano), Greg Parker Classic (Melissa Sawicki, Lawrence, Medrano and Murphy) and coed (Manning, Pfeifer, Melissa Sawicki and Murphy) relays topped Capac with thirds. They notched respective clockings of 1:26.74, 1:58.76, 11:15.38, 12:40.23 and 16:35.19 en route.

A shot put relay consisting of Kylie Miller, Chelsea Stoddard and Bly rounded out the list of Capac placewinners with a sixth. Their top tosses, added together, went 62 feet 6 inches.

In the combined competition, Cros-Lex took meet honors with a 255-point total. They were followed by Caro (155 points), Imlay City (148), Almont (98), Armada (96), Capac (82) and Bad Axe (40).

Caro won the Robert Young Memorial Award. It is presented to the school with the lowest combined time, boys and girls, in the 4 x 1600 relay.

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