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From the heart

Essay contest winners celebrate area moms

May 09, 2007
They are the caregivers, the nurturers, psychologists, physicians, comedians, role models, domestic engineers, bookkeepers, chefs, taxi service, coaches, advocates, and givers of life. Their job doesn't always pay much, and there is no retirement.They're mothers. And they're priceless.

To celebrate all they do for an entire lifetime, the Imlay City DDA and Tri-City Times asked readers to share their moms' unique qualities for the second annual Mother's Day Essay Contest. Prizes include pearl earrings from Gem & Diamond Specialists of Imlay City, a 'Habitat Collection' gift basket from Imlay City's Thimbleberry Gift Shoppe, a year's subscription to the Tri-City Times and fresh flowers.

A community member panel judged about 120 entries in three age categories—6-10, 11-17 and 18-adult. First, second and third place entries were chosen in each category, but it's obvious through the essays that all the moms are winners.


Courtney Connell Barch, 28, of Richmond is grateful when she speaks from the heart about her mom, Shelly Connell, also of Richmond:

My mom is the best because she is an amazing role model. If there ever was a Superwoman, it'd be my mom. She's been there for me all along the way, through good times and bad. Everybody should be as lucky as I am.

Mom, thank you. Thank you for cleaning my skinned up knees after Dad let go of my bike. You were so calm even though I thought I'd die. In fact, I just realized that peroxide really does sting; it's not just cold! Yet, all those years, I believed you. Thank you for helping me pass sixth grade math. I bet while I was having nightmares about area and circumference that you would have never thought I'd become a middle school teacher.

Thank you for sitting through all types of extreme weather to watch me play soccer. Even when you were there in the car during near blizzard conditions, I saw you with the windshield wipers on, cheering me on the entire time. Thank you for always showing up to my school functions even when I'm sure you had things you'd rather be doing. I know after awhile craft shows and bottle drives just aren't that exciting, but you never missed them. Well except for that one time that I ended up getting my foot and leg run over, but as soon as you knew you were there with peroxide!

Thank you for always being supportive of my decisions, even when you know I should be listening to you because I'm making a mistake. You know that I always eventually come around and agree with you sooner or later. I've always needed to learn the hard way and you understand that and have always been supportive of me.

Thank you for setting an unbelievable example of how a mom should be. Now that I'm a mom, I appreciate you more than ever. Of course, you always told me that, "Grandchildren are my revenge." That's what you always told me. But if you getting my son all sugared-up with chocolate chip cookies before I take him home means he gets to spend time with you, it's worth it.

You are an incredible mother and grammy. And whenever somebody tells me "you're turning into your mother," on the inside I smile. You are the person I want to emulate. I've told Evan that the peroxide was cold and my students "because I said so," so I must be on my way. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day. I love you.


Attica resident Heidi Schalau, 33, appreciates her mom for her strength, for the way she moves through life with dignity and respect, no matter what comes her way. Here's some of what Heidi has to say about her mom, Gloria Dempsey, who now lives in Marlette:

My mother is the best because no matter what life may bring her way, she has never ceased at being not only a loving mother but also a positive role model to each of her children. My mother not only raised seven children, but taught each one of us valuable life lessons—morals and manners were at the top of her list. Each child was taught to respect not only each other, but also their elders, a quality which is lacking in most parents and children alike in today's society. My mother's strong personality was used in a way to teach each of her children that no matter what, never give up and go after your dreams.

For many years my mother sacrificed things to provide the basics for her children. With seven children to raise, money was always tight but I don't ever remember going without and I believe that was due to my mother's personal sacrifices...she now makes sure all of her grandchildren are taken care of and that no one else is in need...She always puts others first.

Unfortunately our family experienced a horrible loss a few years ago when our sister passed away. My mother lost a daughter, I cannot imagine the hurtful pain she felt and will always feel. Throughout our family's grieving process my mother was as strong as she could be and encouraged each one of her children to grieve in their individual ways that they were comfortable with. This just proves that even through a horrible situation my mother was there for others and never stopped being a mother to her other children.

My mother may not be the hugs and kisses type, but she lets us know we are loved. My mother has shown all of her children what it is like to be hardworking, dedicated, unselfish and most of all what it means to be the best mother of all.


Shelby Stoddard, 12, says her world revolves around her mom, Nancy Stoddard. They live in Capac. Here's her essay:

My mother is the best because she is absolutely everything to me. Without my mom my life would not be the same. My mom is very friendly, humorous, joyful and an excellent worker.

Have you ever been to a food market and had a woman say hi to you and you have absolutely no idea who she is? That woman would be my mom and I'm proud to announce it. My mother is the friendliest person that I know. My mom is not afraid to meet and greet people. She says hi to everyone.

My mom is always making me laugh. She's either making jokes or just plain being hilarious. When my friends come over she will always tell stories about me. She always makes my day a great big long hilarious laugh.

From 4:30 a.m. she gets up and goes to work and gets home at 5 p.m. and is still joyful. She may be falling asleep on the couch but she is as happy as ever.

If you're able to imagine a friendly, humorous, joyful person who is also an excellent worker then you're thinking of my mother. My mother is the most outstanding human being in my 12 years of life. She's a different color in the crayon box. She's unique and she's the best.


Emily Plemmons was inspired to write poetry about the joys of her mother, Carol Plemmons. They, too, live in Capac:

My mother is the best

These words aren't

hard to say

She cooks like a

gourmet chef

She helps me with

my homework

She even cleans my room

I just want to thank you

for everything

But that list would be so long

I just want to say

the best thing ever,

I am glad you're my mother.


Danielle Fecteau, 13, also of Capac, appreciates everything about her mom, Lisa Fecteau:

My mom is the best because she always remembers everything from what we have for homework to what sports she has to drive us to! My mom is like a chef, a van driver, nurse, laundress, accountant and gardener all in one stay-at-home mom! My mom is the most supportive person you could ever meet! She is always telling me how I can do anything I set my mind to! My mom is funny, caring and very, very loving. When it is time for bed she always says good night, sweet dreams and I love you! Well I love her too! That is why my mom is and will always be the best!


Brian Scott Fletcher, an Imlay City Weston Elementary School student, wrote from the heart to honor his mom Kay Watz:

I love my mom.

Love is a good word.

O is for love

Violents are bule rosees

are red.

excellent is my mom.

mom is love.


moms are love.


Justin Ray VanLith, 8, a Weston Elementary School student, had this to say about his mom Kim VanLith:

My mom is the best because she makes the best food in the world. and my dad is good at cooking too. My favararite food is hotdogs. My mom gives me a massage amlmost evry night. 2 minists later I'm asleep.


Carly Livingston appreciates everything about her mom Amy Livingston. Carly, 8, goes to Weston Elementary School too.

My mom is best mom cause she helpe me with my homework. She is the bese mom in the world. She plays game with me. She give me a lot of hugs and kisses. My mom always maks one feel better all the time. She is always happy. She make the best lasagna and home made pizza. My mom likes to be a stay home mom. My mom always looks nice. I love her more then anything. My mom is always happy at me. I love you.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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