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Young Almont author shares ADD insights

Lydia Schlanderer hosts 'Distracted Hero' book signing at library

Lydia Schlanderer uses her artistic skills to illustrate her book 'The Distracted Hero' to help spread awareness about ADD and ADHD.

April 03, 2019
ALMONT — A young author has successfully managed to peel off the veneer of the often misunderstood disorders, ADD and ADHD, in her first published book, entitled "The Distracted Hero."

Lydia Schlanderer, an 11th grader at Almont High School and devoted Girl Scout in pursuit of her Gold Award, knows of what she speaks.

Having been diagnosed with ADD in early grade school, Lydia decided to write a book that shares her personal experiences with the uninitiated and others dealing with the disorder.

"I have firsthand life experiences on what it's like to have ADD," says Lydia. "I found that in my early school years, it was particularly difficult because there was little I knew about it and little others around me knew about it."

Noting that because her friends at the time did not understand her disability, they would sometimes get frustrated with her.

"This is why I chose to write a children's book to help boys and girls of elementary school ages to have more awareness about this disability," says Lydia. "I wrote the book targeting children ages 8-10 and wrote it in a way that brings awareness about ADD/ADHD, but in a way that is a fun story for kids to read."

Lydia says the book not only fulfills her wish to educate others of the disability, but also serves as her Gold Award project.

"In order to achieve Gold Award status in the Girl Scouts of America, one needs to produce a project that is sustainable or ongoing," she says. "I decided to write this children's book and donate copies to various schools, libraries and ADD/ADHD counseling offices."

In an introductory letter to Kay Hurd, Librarian at Almont's Henry Stephens Memorial Library, Lydia requested that copies of "The Distracted Hero" be made accessible to library visitors, so they, too might become better informed of the challenges that children with ADD and ADHD face.

Lydia was able to get her book printed and published using money she raised to fund her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

Not only did Lydia write the story, her hand-drawn illustrations can be found throughout the book.

"It is my hope and prayer that this book will remain in circulation for many years to come," says Lydia.

She adds that readers are encouraged to provide feedback to an ongoing online survey listed at the back of the book.

April 6 book signing

Kay Hurd said Lydia has agreed to sign copies of "The Distracted Hero" at the Henry Stephens Memorial Library on Saturday, April 6 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

The library is located at 213 W. St. Clair St. in Almont, west of Van Dyke.

For further information about Lydia Schlanderer's book signing, call the library at 810-798-3100 or visit

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