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Journey unfolds, new path appears

July 03, 2019
As the journey unfolds, the path becomes clear.

Isn't this the way of all things? To keep allowing new experiences in and let those new experiences take you where they will?

I know this is true for me. Every time I've dallied, or lingered at any one given point, there's been dormancy. The creativity and growth that comes from change is sparked, at least for me, by those changes—which I'm still learning to embrace as I let the journey unfold. And as such, the path is becoming clear.

As Robert Frost so aptly put it, there's "a road diverged in a yellow wood," and I'm about to choose the one less traveled by so here goes:

In September, I will retire from my post here at Tri-City Times to walk the Peaceful Moon Yoga path that's unfolded before me. I'm into my second-and-a-half year of being the owner/teacher, and opportunities continue to open up. As the clock stops for no one, I feel it's the right time to see where this journey leads.

Thus far, it's been an adventure. I've gone from teaching at studios in Oxford, Clarkston and Lapeer to running my own practice here in the beautiful Peaceful Moon Studio inside Extreme Dance in Imlay City's Kroger Plaza.

I teach basic yoga at Seven Ponds Nature Center, where 16 or more students turn out like clockwork for each six-week session to enjoy the benefits of the practice in the absolute glory of nature.

I led the Imlay City Boys' Varsity Basketball team in a modified version of the 'Half Moon Series,' and this year I've been invited to share the practice with the football team, too.

I've taught classes at a corporate level, leading two sessions at Romeo's L & L Products where the company's Wellness Committee aimed to help employees de-stress and enjoy some fun together earlier this year.

This year and last I've led sessions at Indigo Lavender Farm, and also held special workshops at remote locations in nature.

Every sign is pointing down the Peaceful Moon Road, and every experience has been something to learn and grow from. Some of the lessons aren't all warm and fuzzy, and there've been bumps along the way. But each is an opportunity to validate what I know, to follow my gut intuition and to always be grateful.

This job here has been much the same. In the 20-plus years I've pounded the keyboard, and earlier the pavement, for local stories I've learned and experienced much along the way.

I've learned there are lots of interesting people with equally interesting stories to tell. And learned there are people who will take advantage and try to manipulate the story, and conversely people who'd prefer to stay in the background despite how much they deserve the spotlight.

I've learned that contrary to the widely held belief that "nothing ever happens in a small town," indeed just as much happens here as happens in the city. Maybe even more, because we have a local paper to tell about it.

I've learned about risk- taking from a person who's taken many—my boss—and from a work family that puts their all into what they do, week-in-and-week-out. Most of all, I've learned about community—the real life people who are always there, who are consistently supporting others through all of the ups and downs of the daily grind.

What a grand adventure it has been. In the coming weeks I hope to take a look back at some of the stories that have stuck with me over the 20-plus years I've written for TCT. And of course, to welcome and share feedback on your recollections over the years.

As always, I am profoundly grateful to all who've stopped by this space. Thank you so very much!

Email or call me at 810-724-2615 if you'd like to share.

Catherine Minolli is Managing Editor of the Tri-City Times. She began as a freelance writer with the Times in 1994. She enjoys the country life, including raising ducks and chickens.
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