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Why do I keep asking why?

September 06, 2017
Do you do this, too? I see some action on the part of a human being and I ask myself, "Why did he or she do that?" There seems to me to be no reason or logic for the behavior. Now, in the grand scheme of things, none of these things will alter the course of human history. So why do I keep asking why?

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean. Here's one I've never understood. Why do baseball players spit? It seems like every time a TV camera is aimed at a player, he spits. He does in on the field or in the dugout or at bat. In the dugout, everybody spits! Now they have to walk in each other's expectorant. Ugh! What is there that makes a baseball player work up enough mucus that he just has to expel it in full view of the fans or fellow players?

Some of them chew sunflower seeds or something and spit out the shells all over the place. Do they do that in their own homes? I played lots of baseball in my time and I never got so much liquid in my mouth that I spit on the field.

Basketball players don't spit. Can you imagine what the floor would be like if they did? Football players seldom spit. It might stick to the inside of their face mask. And in Green Bay in late December it might freeze there. Golfers never spit, at least I've never seen one at a tournament do it. They're much more dignified than that.

Here's another one. Speaking of golfers, why do they stay so calm most of the time? I've seen a player splash a drive in the drink, mash the next one off a maple tree, miss two putts and calmly hand the clubs back to the caddy and calmly walk to the next hole. Now that's discipline.

When I played golf if I hit shots like that, and unfortunately, I did often, I had to at the very least utter an "expletive deleted." And occasionally a club flew out of my hands. Terrible behavior, I know. I really admire people who can stay so cool under pressure.

Why do drivers follow so close to each other? Might there be something in the trunk in front of them that they just have to have? Don't they understand the laws of physics? If the car in front stops or swerves the car behind is likely to crash into it. Leave a little more space. You will arrive at your destination only a millisecond or two later.

Another behavior that I have to ask 'why' also involves driving. You are driving along and another car wants to turn into your lane from a driveway or side street. Why do they keep rolling or start moving before you've passed? He knows he's not going to actually pull out into my path but I don't! Scares the heck out of me.

Every time I pet Rico, if I touch a part of his back just in front of his tail, he raises his butt. I've touched the Butt Button. Why do cats do that? And why do dogs have to lick everybody and everything? Yuk.

Why do hockey players fight so much? Again, you don't see golfers do that. At least I never have. But watch a hockey game and you're bound to see a fight. Why can't they just play hockey? Become a boxer if you want to fight.

Why is it cloudy in Michigan so much of the time? It seems like full sunshine is rather rare. I have almost never flown into Detroit Metro or any other airport in the state that we didn't have to pass through a layer of clouds to get to the ground. Is it the air passing over the Great Lakes that makes clouds? Why?

Why do doctors scribble? Have you ever tried to read a prescription your doc has written and signed? Can't read any of it. Do docs go to a special school to learn how to write like that? Why? Do pharmacists go to a special class to learn how to read doctorese? We can only hope that the pills we bring home and take for whatever ails us are the right pills.

Here's one more. Why can a Democrat and a Republican, or wait, take politics out of it. How can two people look at the very same set of data and come to absolutely different conclusions? I can listen to a public servant, for example, say something and draw a conclusion that is logical and makes sense to me. But the person next to me, who heard the exact same words from the source at the same time thinks what he heard is totally opposite of what I did. Why?

Did you ever see that drawing which supposedly shows both a young woman and an old woman in it? Which did you see? Why can't I see that? We're both looking at the same picture!

I could go on and on, of course, but you get the idea. Is it just 'different strokes for different folks' or something else? Why?

If you know the answers, be sure to email them to Rick at

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