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A welcome flight

Parsch family has high praise for higher power upon teen's release from hospital following farm accident

Grandpa Bob Zgnilec embraces Kaleb Parsch after he and mom, Sandy alight from Steve Francis’s helicopter in the Parsch’s front yard on Wednesday. Kaleb spent three weeks at C.S. Mott Childrens Hospital in Ann Arbor following a serious farm accident at their Goodland Twp. home. photo by Maria Brown.

December 05, 2007
GOODLAND TWP. — There are just too many 'God stories' surrounding Kaleb Parsch's accident, treatment and ongoing recovery to ever think his fate was left to chance, Sandy Parsch said.

"God's hand was in all of this and all of his angels were from the second this happened," his mom said. From the ambulance service, police and firefighters on scene to the medical team at C.S. Mott Childrens Hospital in Ann Arbor, Sandy said the family is counting their blessings for the extraordinary efforts that saved Kaleb's life following a farm accident on Nov. 5.

"When we wheeled into the hospital in Ann Arbor there were 15 or 16 doctors and nurses waiting for him and immediately, 32 hands went to work on him. It was all so synchronized," Sandy said.

Then came the outpouring of support from family, friends and total strangers. Everyone offered their prayers, cooked meals and even lent a hand to finish building a shelter for Kaleb's farm animals. Kaleb, his dad Louis and brother Seth were in the midst of digging post holes for the lean-to when Kaleb's coat got caught in the moving pto (power take-off) shaft.

He suffered two broken arms and multiple fractures to his face.

Sandy said the family are still pulling meals out of their freezer, which come in handy when Kaleb returns to Ann Arbor three times a week for physical therapy.

"People are just so giving. How do you thank everyone?" Sandy said.

Steve Francis helps Kaleb Parsch step out of Francis’s helicopter last week after the family friend and Country Smokehouse owner gave the teen a ride home after his three week hospital stay in Ann Arbor. photo by Maria Brown.
That generosity was topped off last week when Kaleb got the okay from doctors to go home. On Wednesday, family friend and Country Smokehouse owner, Steve Francis, picked the teen and his mother up at the hospital in his helicopter.

"It was incredible," Sandy said.

"He took us over Pontiac, Oxford, Metamora and even flew over our gas station."

Family and friends were there to greet them after Francis landed in the Parsch's front yard.

Now, in the peace and quiet of his home, Kaleb can continue to recuperate. Because of the nerve damage to his left arm, he will receive specialized brachial plexus therapy. He's also getting used to a liquid diet since having his jaw wired following surgery to his face.

He's also ready to see one of the 'God stories' up close for himself—the broken pto shaft. They aren't supposed to snap but this one did, most likely saving his life.

"He realizes what the outcome could have been," Sandy said.

The family will continue to update Kaleb's progress on his CarePages Web site. To log on, visit and search for kparsch.

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