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New idea to help with old problem

November 28, 2007
The universe has a way of taking care of things. This has been proven to me time and again. Sometimes it just takes patience. To stay silent, to take no action and believe that none is necessary because the universe ends up making things right.

Lofty and high minded as that sentiment is, I readily admit that man-oh-man it's hard sometimes just sitting around when all I really feel like doing is blowing up the world. But then I'd just end up in jail. And I'd miss out on the opportunity to watch things blow up on their own, which I know always comes to pass. I've witnessed this time and time again—you see it all come and go when you're sitting in this seat. And in my personal life the same is true. What goes around comes around and vice versa. It's truly just the way it is.

Since this is the case—and because I often have a hard time dealing with this absolute truth—I've decided to launch a new Web site. At the behest of a good friend of mine, a very creative individual indeed. Very helpful, especially when it comes to humor so hilariously cutting that it often elicits a snort from yours truly. This person is a healer, though. Dr. 'Laughing is better than crying.' Mr. 'Why take everything so seriously, PhD.' Philosopher king of yet another universal truth— 'laughter is the best medicine.' So even if the Web site idea is somewhat of a rip off, under the afore mentioned universal law, it'll all even out one day...

...I've decided to create It's a great little—and very anonymous—place to visit when you're constantly reminded that it really doesn't matter. It'll have links to and and Anytime anyone begins to feel like they care too much about their job, what others think of them, what others say about them, how they're going to pay the bills, etc. etc., they can simply log onto and be reminded that it's all very, very unimportant and insignificant. Those little smiley face icons will be there to remind the viewer that spinning your wheels, working yourself into a stressed out frenzy is not good. After all, who cares? It does not change what's inside. Who you are. What you are. Who you love and who loves you.

At, the full concentration is on all things spiritual and intrinsically fulfilling—family, friends, nature, good food, laughter, adventure, sharing, evolving, and everything other than the nine-to-five routine.

There are links to, a place where for a small fee a big group of people will gather and light candles to any perceived martyrdom and/or slight from wherever or whomever. It is designed to help work through the inequities and unfairness in

the world, to acknowledge the slights and the slams we've all faced from time to time. With the click of a mouse, visitors can order a large group who will weep and cry and chant and hold a candle light vigil to acknowledge our suffering. It's designed for those who have a hard time taking no action and staying silent when their self-worth is in question. Ya know, kind of like this space right here. Kinda like what I'm doing right now.

The only glitch is in my DNA, apparently. Despite my new Web site, I believe I need a surgical procedure to excise the 'caring' organ. Try as I might, I cannot keep it from beating its way to the surface of my heart in time for someone to remind me in a searing sort of way that I do, indeed, care probably more than I should...

...there I go again. Time for a visit to before it's too late and I lapse back into my old ways. After all, 'who cares?'

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