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Gertie, Daisy settling in a new 'village'

November 14, 2007
Daisy and I are all cozily settled in our apartment at Independence Village. Some of the family helped me finish packing on Friday, November 2, then I was ordered to go to Lee and Lynda's to spend the night. Saturday they got a U-Haul truck. Grandson-in-law Jeff Land had informed his hunting pals that they owed me for letting them hunt on my land and would show up to help load and unload. Of course there were my children and grandchildren who helped with muscles and food. We had a party here. I crashed at 7:30 p.m. until 6:30 a.m. when Daisy stuck her cold nose in my face.

On Sunday morning, my 'big sister' (like in college) came to visit and 'show me some of the ropes.' She then escorted me to dinner. (She and a gentleman resident were married this past Friday eve.)

We widows have often discussed the lonesomeness of Sunday afternoons. So far, they take care of that here. Last Sunday afternoon "Henrik & Eugenia" entertained us in Harmony Hall. Henrik is a violinist accompanied by his wife Eugenia. I had heard them once before when here. They had just married then. This time they had 18 month old Sasha. This afternoon was the Flint Symphony Wind Ensemble in the dining room. Because of Veteran's Day, they played a lot of John Phillip Sousa. Daisy is slowly adjusting. At first she laid by the door quite a bit, as if to say, "It's time to go home now." Until the last two days, she was on a leash all the while outside. We were told we could roam anywhere on the huge premises. But it is not like catching her ball and running 'round and 'round the house or barn. All but one lady so far have welcomed her as we walk down the hall. Of course, Daisy loves everyone. I was allowed to bring her because she is a companion dog from Paws-with-a-Cause.

Carol and Bob came again yesterday (Saturday), brought more 'stuff' and hung my pictures. It looks quite like home now.

Come and see me. —Country Cousin

Gertie is an Almont native and historian. She has been writing a local column for us for over 30 years. You'll enjoy her friendly and colorful style of writing.
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