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Hope someone comes along to save 'Queen,' save my trees

August 29, 2007
It is potpourri time. Nothing monumental comes to mind, just a lot of little fun things.

Sunday was a gorgeous day wasn't it? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I. Our West Berlin United Methodist Church held its Service out of doors, under the old oak tree. Rev. Dianna Rees and husband had just returned from Alaska which inspired a wonderful message. Hav- ing been there, I relived it with her. We then enjoyed a bountiful potluck. Daisy, Jigs and I spent the afternoon under my maple trees in the side yard....and to think that one woman real estate agent Jim Bollaert showed through and around the house said all of the trees would have to go. Oh my! Enough to make me want to take it off the market. Please, someone come to my rescue and buy my Queen, maple trees and five and three-quarter acres. It is getting to be too much for me to care for.

Saturday turned out to be a nice day. The Lapeer County Mounted Posse celebrated their 50th Anniversary at the beautiful horse farm of Al and Ginny Janiszewsk near Metamora. I was invited as Red was one of the original members. It was great visiting with old friends and meeting new. We have always said we were like family. I suppose it is because we have one common interest, though sometimes we are frowned upon. One time out to East Lansing to the State 4-H Saddle Club Show, I overheard a lady (?) say, "You can sure tell a horse person but, you can't tell them much." What was that all about?

I enjoy reminiscing through my five-year diary of eighth grade through high school years. I, along with several classmates, flunked eighth grade arithmetic. We had several teachers that year. Our first teacher quit and got married, then a series of substitutes which we soon wore out, finally Miss Edelmaier but it was too late to save us. So, a tutor was hired so we could go on into high school. We went every day from the middle of August until sometime in September. School started September 12. Some days I walked to and from, some days I rode my bike and some days I rode my pony. How about that!

My parents loved to pack up at the spur of the moment and go camping to Lighthouse Park in Port Huron. Mom had a box of cooking and eating utensils ready at a moment's notice. The park had a kitchen for campers to use. So, on Saturday, August 20, 1932 it was announced that we were going. The tent, folding canvas camp cots, bedding, box of cooking utensils and kids were loaded and we were off, not arriving until 6 p.m. but what joy. The weather was hot but the water cold. I laid in the sun to get a tan and got burned instead. On Sunday we had weenies for dinner and got home at nine.

Guess I had better turn off the nostalgia and get busy.

—Country Cousin

Gertie is an Almont native and historian. She has been writing a local column for us for over 30 years. You'll enjoy her friendly and colorful style of writing.
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