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Thought it's time to check in

June 27, 2007
It's been several months since returning to the Tri-City Times, so I figure it's about time to resume writing an occasional column.

I'd hesitated writing a column for umpteen reasons —or shall I say excuses.

First, it is easy to rationalize that this newspaper already has plenty of outstanding regular columnists and contributors.

Week after week, Catherine Minolli, Maria Brown, Randy Jorgensen, Eric Thuma, Willene Tanis and others wax poetically and profoundly from these pages.

So why clutter things up with yet another voice? Besides, I thought, who wants to read the whinings, rantings and meanderings of someone who, despite his advancing age, still hasn't evolved intellectually to the point of political conservatism?

Those were excuses numbers two and three. Now for the real reasons I've put off writing a column.

During the past few years or so, since I last wrote for the Tri-City Times, there have been some changes in my life.

So what, you say. It's not like we all don't go through changes; like the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, health issues, financial duress, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, or myriad other personal crises.

Each of us is beset with our share of problems, most of which require some adjusting. Change is inevitable, even good, lest we slide into the abyss.

So, there is nothing unique about me or my situation. From what I see, things are tough for everyone.

But the truth is, having finally experienced some difficulties (after years of relative bliss), I've learned that life goes on; and that despite problems and the holes we dig for ourselves, we are capable of lifting ourselves up and living again.

Writing this column, albeit self-serving, is proof that personal setbacks are only that—bumps in the road.

Since being knocked down to size (like I needed that), I've come to realize the power of believing—not just in God, Jesus, Buddha or Allah, but in myself.

None of us can be what others expect us to be. Nor should we try. But we can learn to accept who we are— with all the flaws and baggage carried over from the past to the present.

It's not easy to learn how to be comfortable in one's own skin, but I think it's the key to being happy. And I'm working hard on getting there.

In the future, I'll try to stick with writing columns that are much less about me, and more about you.

For now, though, thank you to everyone at the Tri-City Times, and to the friends, co-workers and readers who have made me feel very welcome since my return.

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Castle Creek
07 - 22 - 19
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